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Getting comfortable with Beat Sampras who have a new EP out

By: Mikhail Adam Motala

The live electronic duo consisting of David Migwalla and Dylan Fine is a blend of hiphop, R&B, soul, jazz and trap, seamlessly mixed into one well produced package that caters for all moods from the weekend turn up to easy listening Sunday chill vibes.

The duo are relatively new on the scene, having released their first self titled EP in April 2016. Yet, considering how well they compliment one another in studio and on stage – David's infectious foot tapping boom clap beats, melodic chord progressions blend with Dylan's catchy jazz infused guitar riffs and smooth moody vocals – it gives the impression that these two have been making music together for years.

Beat Sampras

An exciting live act with notable bookings at some of the country's premiere venues and festivals, including Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF), Uppercut, The Waiting Room, Rocking The Daisies, Kitcheners in Johannesburg, Red Bull Music Academy Weekend, We Heart Beat Bloc Party alongside the Soulection crew and most recently Oppikoppi, all in their debut year, is quite a feat.

Listen to the exclusive 20-minute mix they put together for The Way of Us and read on how they're about to embark on their third Studio EP, aptly titled C.M.F.R.T, and what it means to them. 

How did Beat Sampras come about as a duo?

It started last year with the Cape Town electronic music festival when Beat Sampras was still a solo act. We thought we were only going to play that show together, but it went so well that we decided to just carry on working together.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming EP C.M.F.R.T?

The music on the EP is a lot like the second half of our show, very R&B, a lot of melody and bass, we have also put a lot of work into song writing and recording vocals so they can also expect a strong vocal performance with lyrical content full of our experiences.

What production gear do you use to produce your tracks?

All we use is a laptop with Ableton on it, an MPD32 and a Key Station 61 midi key board.

Beat Sampras

Which tracks on the EP personally stand out for you and why?

They are all special for different reasons. If pushed we’d have to say CMFRT because that was the first song we recorded and what started the project.

Is comfort an important factor while picking out new threads?

Yeah for sure, we would never wear something uncomfortable just because its fly. It’s gotta be both comfortable and fly, especially when it comes to sneakers. When we look and feel good we play a good show.

Where can listeners keep in touch with you on social media?

On Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram

In your opinion does music and fashion go hand in hand?

Yea for sure, it’s all a lifestyle and we are both really into hip-hop, music, football and sneakers, and that influences how we dress.

What does comfort mean to you?

CMFRT represents the love we have for what we do, the music we make and those close to us, and those who listen to our music and come to the shows. It also represents working through disappointment and staying positive and moving forward in every aspect.

*The EP launch takes place Friday 24 November at the Work Hub in Woodstock

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