Go With the Flaw

Diesel’s latest ad is a call for more diversification and celebrating our flaws

Diesel ad campaign

We all know Diesel as a brand famous for fighting conformity and providing us with an alternative to the ordinary, which they do via a healthy dose of humour celebrating the unconventional and taking a stand against the status quo.

Following their award-winning Make Love Not Walls campaign, they’re now giving recognition to imperfections with their #GoWithTheFlaw campaign. 

Now, one of the first essays we ever published on TWoU was about the need for more diversification in fashion, and we have been firm supporters of the cause ever since, whether that's talking about how 80 is the new 18 or keeping things gender free.

Diesel ad campaign

The truth is that social media has altered the perception we have of beauty and has led us to believe that we should chase successful lives via perfect pictures of perfect food, perfect holidays and our perfect selves. 

Diesel ad campaign

Ever the contrarian, Diesel strongly disagrees with our current infatuation with perfection. They don’t want perfect because perfect is boring and, instead, invite us to embrace our imperfections because these are the hallmarks that separate us from everyone else.

Diesel ad campaign

Hence their new manifesto: #GO WITH THE FLAW

Go with NO plan.

Go with not sure

Go with what makes you feel insecure

Go with the snooze

Go with your hair

Go with that face that needs no repair

Go with mistakes

Go with remakes

Go without knowing if you have what it takes

Go with the tease

Go with the game

Go if no one remembers your name

Go with the oops

Go with no doubts

Go if it doesn’t look as good as it sounds

Go with the hunch

Go with oh fuck

Go like you’ll never run out of luck

Go with the swipe

Go with the fling

Go without wanting to put on a ring

Go out in the open

Go with pride

Grab a front seat and enjoy the ride

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Five summer shorts
Hakim Malema
Kate Moss in sheer