The Swimfluencer: Nabeelah Staggie

Suit up for summer and make a splash in Superbalist’s best swimwear


Photographs: Niquita Bento | Styling: Mandy Nash

While she won’t deny where she's come from, Nabeelah Staggie says that it's important that she writes her own story, and at risk of sounding like a beauty queen, says it’s all about following her dreams…

“I always wanted to model, and forced my mother to take me to a top agency in town. I rang the bell and the woman who answered didn’t even invite us in. She was like, ‘What are you doing here?’ I told her and she said, ‘Look, you’re too short and your look is very common.’"

17-years-old and dreams crushed, Nabeelah decided to focus on what she considered a much more realistic goal, but after two years working as an air hostess she quit to pursue her dream.

“I was drawn to swimwear even though it’s actually quite a strange job, being bare most of the time and putting all of your insecurities out there. I embrace it, as I know that I have a job to do and get it done. I’m shy, but in photos I can look quite fierce.”

Ferocious, rather, and with over15 000 Instagram followers, Nabeelah’s aware of the huge responsibility that comes with her role as influencer, and has promptly dealt with crude messages by screen grabbing these and making them public.

“I know that those people are too cowardly to ever say anything like that to my face. It’s my choice to do what I want with my body and lots of girls are grateful for me shaming those trolls, as messages like that happen to even the most innocent girls.”

TWoU asked the swimfluencer to take a dip in Superbalist’s latest swimsuits. Scroll down for seven reasons why you're about to have your best summer yet.

Classic black full piece

black fullpiece swimsuit

We say: If you’re the athletic type who spends her time swimming or playing beach bats, then this is the swimsuit for you. However, this works just as well if worn with a lofty attitude while ordering cocktails from the comfort of the hotel pool lounger.

She says: This classic black one piece has to be one of my favourites. It accentuates all the right areas and I love the ruffles, which add just the right amount of detail. This could easily be worn as a bodysuit paired with a cute shorts or a skirt, too.



We say: Red is the colour to be in right now and this bandeau top’s clean simple lines opens up the neckline and shows off your assets.

She says: What woman doesn't feel sexy in red? This two piece is so cute but hot at the same time. I loved the vintage feel.


Baywatch red full piece swimsuit

We say: The best way to channel a Baywatch babe, the red full piece is cut high on the leg and low on the chest. Whether you choose to run in slow-motion is totally up to you.

She says: The things I look for when buying a new swimsuit are colour and style. I love this solid, bright coloured swimsuit. Along with sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, hair ties, a brush and a towel, this is something I need to always keep in my beach bag.

The nautical halterneck

The nautical halterneck

We say: A 90s throwback that will no doubt remind you of Gwen Stefani. We hope you got your Girl Guide badge for tying knots, because both the top and the bottom of this suit have ties that could result in a wardrobe malfunction if not properly tied.

She says: I generally don’t like striped bikinis but I liked the nautical feel this one has. I’d pair it with cute denim shorts or a fun, flirty and flowing dress. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable on sunny beach days, so dresses are usually my go-to. As far as accessories go, I don't like to over accessorise when I'm planning a day by the pool and prefer to keep it simple. Less is more. My staples, however, are a pair of statement sunnies, a nice big, colourful beach bag and a cute pair of earrings.

The strappy one

The strappy one

We say: With more swimsuits coming in more elaborate shapes, with cut-outs, lattice work and other detail, tanning becomes a game of having enough different suits in your rotation to battle tanlines. This is a slightly dressier version of the black full piece and would not look out of place worn while dancing at the beach bar.

She says: Black and nude are my two favourite colours, so it goes without saying that I loved this. I felt so sexy in it and the nude ribbed detail adds that extra bit of drama to the one piece.

The embroidered swimsuit 

The embroidered swimsuit

We say: This looks like something more suited to a catwalk than the boardwalk, the sophisticated design offering an ultra feminine old world glamour with high-waisted bottoms giving it something of a retro feel.

She says: This luxurious bikini has to be my all time favourite. I’m obsessed with it! The embroidered flowers made me feel like I was wearing a Dolce & Gabbana. I feel like a goddess.

Bardot lace-up 

Bardot lace-up

We Say: What better way to channel 60s bombshell Brigitte Bardot than in this red-hot off-the-shoulder bikini top with lace up detailing in the front?

She Says: I love this bright red bikini with lace up detail. I would totally double the off the shoulder bikini top as a cropped top with my high waisted shorts. Paired with chunky earrings and a cute sandal it’s a definite winner.

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