Save VS Spend: Men’s T-shirts

Three menswear classics at a price that suits you

A few wars ago the T-shirt went from underwear to outerwear as returning GIs took their military style to the masses – changing men’s fashion forever. It’s not just the deformalising of menswear that’s seen the T-shirt’s rise in prominence, but the fact that there are so many options out there. Every dude needs to keep a stack of options in his rotation as a simple building block that will help you to make up a variety of looks.

Whether you have a pocket full of cottage or are eating that government cheese, there’s a T-shirt here that'll suit your budget.

Logo T-shirt

The crew collar is the most classic T-shirt option and the addition of a logo gives it a much younger feel. The 90s style trend isn’t going anywhere, and as a rule the bigger and bolder the graphic, the more casual the T-shirt. Wear appropriately.

Long-sleeve tee

The longer cut is on trend and a great layering option, while the bright-white options shown here will keep the sun at bay without you having to slather on a higher SPF. Worn a size up from what you’d usually wear, it makes for a very chilled look.


Named after Lord Raglan, who wore a coat in this style after losing an arm in the Battle of Waterloo, this cut ensure ease of movement. It’s the same today, and the mid-length sleeve runs to the collar, allowing for more freedom.

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