Currently Coveting: Branded Tees

They’re back from the 90s, and they can stay

adidas t-shirts

Branded logo tees are that undying trend we won’t be shaking anytime soon – and the plain fact is that they take a basic look from zero to a hundred in 3.5 seconds. 

So, they can stay!

Making a solid comeback from the 90s, they're a great way to add detail to a casual look with minimal effort. Set them off with matching sneakers or slides and (equally branded) socks to unlock an easy athleisure look. 

Hey, if style is to be defined as saying what you’re about without voicing a single word, then wearing a logo tee by a brand you respect may be one of the boldest declarations of patronage, right? And fashion has always been the risk-taker’s game to win, so, say it with your shoulders back and your chest out. 

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