Why We’re Going Sockless

The season’s just right to show some ankle and spotlight your kicks

Why We’re Going Sockless

The cyclical nature of fashion will always result in contentious trends that either take a while to find wide acceptance or just split opinions straight down the middle. Going without socks is one that probably falls into  the latter category, managing to phase in and out of popularity as fashion ebbs and flows. Wherever your allegiance lies, we're here to convince you to bare a bit more ankle this spring.

Before we get into it, there’s some housework to be done. A lot of the criticisms aimed and going sockless revolves around hygiene, so the sooner that’s debunked, the better. Your first option, most obviously, should be secret socks. They come in all manner of cuts so you’re bound to find a pair that’s comfortable for you or suitable for the shoes you’d like to hide them in. If you can’t bring yourself to use them, invest in some baby powder to ensure your shoes are not an environmental hazard. 

If you’re still not sold, let us hit you with some knowledge. It’s time to think of a bare ankle like any other accessory in your arsenal. Like a colourful cap or stylish wristwatch, going without socks adds a new element to your look. A sockless look with shorts is pretty much effortless, apart from finding the right footwear and shorts combination, and it’s a lifesaver in peak-summer weather. 

When you’re sporting chinos or jeans, your first step is to roll up your cuffs. This is an art in itself – a good rule of thumb is the bulkier your top half, the more substantial a roll-up you can get away with. Choice in footwear can also dictate your styling: low-top sneakers or brogues can be spotlighted if you fold the cuffs well above the ankle, but high-tops don’t need as much of an emphasis. If you’re going for a formal look, a high-cut pant leg won’t need rolled cuffs, but they absolutely have to show your ankle when you’re standing. If they only peep through on the odd occasion, it looks like you just forgot to wear socks. You want to be a fashion authority and that’s all about emphasised and considered styling. 

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