Bombers Will Stay

The style icon-approved outerwear keeps flying off shelves

Bomber jackets

The iconic and statement making bomber jacket has been around since th First World War, and has seen a steep rise in popularity since getting a celebrity co-sign from Kanye West. Call it the Yeezus effect: his influence has trickled down to early adopters picking up the bomber jacket as their particular go-to outerwear, and now instead of having to line up for his shoes we're able to find a style that suits our style (and pocket) as ever more versions of the covetable jacket appear. 

Whether you go for something in the traditional army green nylon or a statement-making fabrication or colour, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to wear yours. However, our personal favourite for right now would be a tonal number, in a slimmer silhouette than some of the beefier versions. This way, you’ll transition into summer without having heavy winter baggage holding you back.

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