You Need A Lightweight Jacket

Check out these 8 functional outerwear options for any season

As a guy, whether you care to admit it or not, you’re always on the lookout for clothing that balances minimal effort with the maximum impact. Something that’ll still rake in the compliments but can be used as an everyday layering option, without being in any way impractical. Simplicity and function, without compromising on style. 

Look no further than a signature windbreaker for your fix, as they not only act as a functional layer of warmth that keeps the elements at bay, they also offer a versatility that ensures they can be suitable for almost any occasion or time of the year. They’re easy to get in and out of at a moment's notice, so you can adapt to the temperature changes that come from moving from inside to out, or when a once-sunny day turns into a mad dash through rain. 

To make sure your fashion finger is on the pulse, below we’ve taken you through our list of windbreakers you’d be unprepared without. 

basicthread black

Your stock-standard option that works best complementing a more formal work outfit. Try it over a blazer or button-up shirt, or even under another jacket if the weather isn’t playing ball. 

basicthread navy

This design features elasticated ribbing on the hem and cuffs, ideal for keeping out just about all of the cold. Let the function keep you toasty during a late-night or early-morning run, and let the style keep you looking fresh regardless of how much you’re sweating

torrey vans peanuts collab

A real showpiece with the classic Peanuts collab, this coach-inspired jacket is streetwear gold. Combine it with your best sneakers and loose-fitting black trousers for a look that says ‘I know fashion’. 

step jacket jack&jones

We’ve got some proper outerwear here, so use it to give a little edge to your outdoorsy outfit. Whether it’s an early-morning hike or the chilly final hours of the day at a festival, you’ll look as good as you feel.  

basicthread camo

We’re real advocates for the military trend and so opportunity for a little camouflage should be seized. It pairs best with black chinos or jeans, then add your choice of top – best to avoid patterns and go with a solid colour. 

lake jacket only&sons

Part windbreaker, part winter jacket, this option is ideal for those extra cold days. Keeping its bulk in mind, wear it with skinny or slim-fit jeans and a comfortable tee to make sure that you’re comfortable on the chilly commute. 

basicthread green

The ideal transitional piece, this windbreaker can be your year-round companion. It adds intrigue to just about any outfit with it’s eye-catching colouring, and the fabrication allows it to be folded up into a small package you can take anywhere. 

opile jacket only&sons

Keep it casual with this anorak-style design. Fitting as a layer for an all-day casual look that sees you heading from day into night, it has an easily-matchable colouring that makes styling a breeze. 

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