The Edit: Arthur Jones

The editor of the biggest men’s magazine in SA has a body to match

As editor of the biggest men’s magazine in the country, Arthur Jones has a responsibility to inspire men to become better versions of themselves. Men’s Health in South Africa is 20 years old this year, and as the traditional role of men goes through something of a much needed repositioning, it’s up to Arthur to properly navigate  these changes. 

“We are first and foremost a filter, one that curates the stories, advice and science that our readers need to know to improve their lives in every aspect; but there are also plenty of issues around masculinity, the role of the father figure, and role definition that need to be tackled on a regular basis.”

Living the core values of the brand, Art is all about eating clean, training mean and trying to be the man his dog thinks he is. But what about his sense of style? You can find out about this and more in the Q&A below. 

Arthur Jones

How do you dress for work and has it changed much over the years?

I dress the Cape Town version of smart-casual most days, only really dressing up for client meetings, launches, and presentation days. I’m dressing smarter than I used to, but that’s also partly due to the constant abuse I used to get from our style editor.

Who is the best-dressed man you've ever met?

On an international scale, Idris Elba. On the local scene, it's Zak Venter, the man behind Sergeant Pepper Clothing Co. And obviously Azeez Jacobs, the MH Style and Grooming Editor. He’s a proper style authority, and has transformed plenty of readers' wardrobes and done countless makeovers. He’s making men look sharper every single day.

Tell us about the selects you made and why you've made them?

I think these are athleisure classics, and I’ve chosen sneakers from a few different brands so they can suit different styles. 

Why do you think athleisure has gone from a trend to a major menswear category?

It’s comfortable, the fit lets you move easily and with plenty of freedom, and most of it has a sporting and performance pedigree – so the tech and athletic benefits are there.

How does this style work with your particular lifestyle?

A combo of comfort and performance will work in anyone's lifestyle, and even though we do plenty of work-related exercise events and launches, we don’t go full athleisure every day. But I’m definitely seeing more of it, especially considering we share offices with Women’s Health. Those women have their athleisure on point.

What's in your kitbag?

Gym gear. Skipping rope. Deodorant. Training boardshorts that can do double duty for swimming.

What's your workout routine?

I train at Cape CrossFit, 5 to 6 sessions a week, and then play some touch rugby on a Sunday. Besides that, I try get in one or two mobility and stretching sessions through Romwod.com.

What are your tips and tricks for getting into shape?

Forget the gimmicks, hype and short term fixes, find something you enjoy doing and commit. Good, old-fashioned consistency and work ethic will always trump anything else. And recruit experts. Dieticians, personal trainers, coaches – find the best, and hire their services. Put your health and fitness first, and it’ll pay dividends in the rest of your life. You’ll also respect yourself more.

Arthur Jones

What's in this month's issue of Men's Health that you're particularly proud of?

Sam Heughan, the cover guy. His work ethic has forged both a cover guy physique and led to an award-winning performance on the hit show Outlander. But more importantly for us, he has leveraged his fitness and star persona to raise over R8.6 million for charity and inspiring thousands of people to get fitter and healthier through his global movement: My Peak Challenge. That’s our kind of role model.

Anything else?

Our next issue (September) comes with a pack of workout cards, a world first. They can work as a normal pack of playing cards, but each card also comes with a bodyweight exercise, so you can use it to train anywhere. We’ve also provided four card games, and their rules, on the pack.

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