The New Workwear

5 looks that combine out-of-office favourites to make work appropriate outfits

The New Workwear

Photographs: Glen Montgomery | Styling: Robin-Jade Carolus 

In recent seasons, workwear has taken a turn for the refreshing: traditional suits aren’t the norm and sneakers have found favour with tailored separates. Unless your job allows little room for suit deviation, now’s your chance to play around with some of your staples, and try your hand at combining out-of-office favourites in new and interesting ways.

Here are five looks that’ll help set the tone for the day you want to have.

A fresh start

men's workwear

The look: A bomber, shirt and tailored joggers

The vibe: Starting a new job or meeting people for the first time can seem daunting, but dressing in a smart yet approachable way will encourage a sense of ease between you and your new colleagues. A look like this demonstrates your understanding of style, projects confidence but doesn’t aim to intimidate.

That promotion

men's workwear
men's workwear

The look: A lightly-coloured suit and tee

The vibe: You’ve worked your way up in the company and know your worth. You also know that a promotion could be on it’s way at any moment, which is why you’ve always got to dress prepared. The T-shirt lends a casual air of confidence, but doesn’t take away from the suit’s smart appeal.

After-work drinks

men's workwear
men's workwear

The look: Layered separates, utility outerwear, smart jeans. 

The vibe: As you get dressed for work, you tell yourself that you’re not doing anything tonight, but just in case, you carefully combine layers in a way that’s client-presentation-to-new-cocktail-bar approved. Items can be shed depending on the temperature, and your ensemble will make just as much of an impact in its simplest state.

Casual Fridays

men's workwear

The look: a sporty sweater, tailored trousers + sneakers

The vibe: This is your favourite look of the week, and it’s too good to waste on the inside of the office. You’ve got dinner at a new restaurant followed by birthday drinks, which means you’re going for an outfit that speaks to your multifaceted personality. Plus, it’s an opportunity to show off the new sneakers you copped last week.

The day after payday

men's workwear
men's workwear

The look: A buttoned T-shirt and tailored, well-pressed trousers

The vibe: You’ve already forgotten what it’s like to have single digits in your bank account, and you’re back to your self-assured, power-dressing self. Buttoning a Henley tee up lends a pulled-together feel to the top, making it an ideal match for suit trousers and lace-up Derbys.

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