The Mixtape Vol. 118

Bouncy synths and melodies by DJ-slash-model, Huskie

Kayden Hesketh got his DJ name playing sport as a kid, when one of the coaches started calling him Huskie. This has nothing to do with his size, as the House DJ is a whip-thin male model, and is instead a play on his surname. The Way of Us spoke to the DJ-slash-model about his sound and you can become better aquainted with him after the jump.

Please describe your sound.

My sound is very House Music based. I've grown up loving and listening to music, House music especially, and thats why my genre of choice is House. But I also love other genres. My sound revolves around very bouncy synths and melodies, similar to Mike Williams, who is by far my favourite House producer. Martin Garrix and Don Diablo come close after. I think House music is where my heart lies so I look forward to producing more and more projects in the future.

Tell us about your life as a male model.

Being in front of the camera is quite similar to my music. I try to show as many different emotions as possible, either with doing fashion work or my music. You can tell through my sets that I think through, and feel the music when I play. Again you can see that I loves what I do whether behind the deck and in front of a camera. I think in a sense the two are quite similar, in the way that you can portray what you feel, what you are thinking and where your mind is at. Which is why I love doing both because I can tell a story.

If you could choose one, which would it be?

This is a very hard choice, both come with very different scenery, as my music brings me a lot closer to myself and I can release different emotions. Modelling isn't all glamour and music helps me breathe a bit when it gets bleak out there. But in the long run, music has brought me a long way as a person, and helped me through a lot. So if I had to choose just one I would choose my music, but solely because of what it does to me and other people.

Where can we catch you next?

My gigs are quite spontaneous as I'm busy working on some big projects.

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