Save vs Spend: Graphic Sweats

Say something from R349

Still rocking that same tired surf logo hoodie from high school? Time to upgrade your graphics. These pieces are a fun, casual way for self-expression. Unlike slogan tees and sweats, graphics allow you to show off something cool without the cheese factor of walking around with a cliche on your chest. Save or spend, and take your pick in some of Winter’s favourite colours: grey, black, and fatigue green.

Usually lending itself to sharper corners and slimmer cuts, grey goes soft and simple in winter sweats making it easy to wear and easy to style. Don’t complicate it by going overboard with the graphics — a simple colour palette and a straightforward design say more than enough.

Of all the colours featured, black is usually the most formal. Turning that idea on its head is what makes black streetwear so cool. It’s the perfect background for a statement graphic in contrasting tones.

Paired with a collared shirt and a decent jacket, most clean crew necks can come to the office with you as an alternative to cable knits. Strip the extras and stick to solid colour blocks and melange knits to keep it office friendly.

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