Battle Ready Jackets

Face anything life throws at you with the right armour

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Words: Modupe Oloruntoba | Photographs: Ian Engelbrecht | Styling: Kelly Fung

I felt personally victimised by Karl Lagerfeld when he said, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”

Harsh. He said it before the explosion of athleisure, so barring that, Karl wasn’t actually that far off. Science backs up our tendency to wear baggy, dreary clothes when we’re feeling down and cheery styles that fit well when we feel good. Without intending to, we dress to reflect our mood.

If you tend to dress to escape, I feel you, but sometimes you need to dress to confront. So here are four jackets you can throw on for a quick dose of confidence to take on the world.

Beat the city

jackets coats winter fashion superbalist

Have you ever felt great walking out the door and defeated by the time you got to your desk? Traffic, late trains, uncooperative weather and problematic drivers can make commuting pretty rough. Protect yourself from the morning madness with this padded coat. Nothing is warmer or sturdier than these, and the shine gives the illusion of polish even though you are technically wearing a blanket. Drown out the noise too with headphones and an inspirational podcast.

Beat the ex

jackets coats winter fashion superbalist

Few things are as emotionally exhausting as unexpectedly running into your ex. Breakups are hard enough without the low key trauma of seeing them in public. If you know they’ll be somewhere when you will too, arm yourself with a piece that makes you feel amazing. It’s easier to be civil while seething when you know you look great. Pair this shearling lined pink textured biker with a simple sweater and your favourite jeans. Finish with heeled knee-high boots for added height — another psychological boost.

Beat your demons

jackets coats winter fashion superbalist

You signed up for that open mic weeks ago, and now that it’s here, so are all your insecurities. You finally scored that pitch and now you’re battling imposter syndrome on presentation day. We’ve all been there. That voice in your head can’t argue with the mirror, so show it who’s boss in a luxurious faux fur number. If you need any more convincing, combine it with occasion appropriate faves, like the outfit you always pull out for interviews.

Beat the burnout

jackets coats winter fashion superbalist

Recover from the exhaustion of that massive work project in a piece that prioritises your comfort. A tailored coat is easy to wear, cosy and versatile, and the fur lapel on this one adds a sleek finish. While it’s also office appropriate worn over a confidence boosting suit, we'd recommend taking it out on a day off. Sleep in, listen to SZA while taking a long bath, and find a quiet place for a slow brunch with that book you’ve been meaning to read forever. Get some real rest.

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