The Mixtape Vol. 112

TWoU speaks to Vitu about his debut project VituXArcade

Zimbabwean-born Vitu is a 23-year-old musician who has been living in South Africa since moving here from Virginia in the United States. 

Having always been interested in music, as soon as he was old enough to replace the gospel music that he grew up with at home, with the hip-hop and RnB that his older cousins were into, he did.

From here Vitu started his real musical journey and in 2010 he started producing. After linking up with Subs and Hoax, Vitu formed Arcade Music and the trio have been working together ever since. 

Today we’re sharing the crew’s first project, and you can find out more after the jump. 

Tell us about your debut.

It’s based on themes of escapism. I think that that’s a theme that many people can relate to because we have all felt like we've needed to get away at some point, for whatever reason. I wanted to piece together a lot of my personal experiences, and share another side of myself with whoever is willing to listen. I think a lot of people are so used to seeing the "good side" of life, because of things like social media and feel like people have started comparing their everyday lives to other people’s best moments. It’s got to a point where people are trying to make their lives as perfect as those they see on social media. I feel that’s a problem, because that’s when you tend to overlook real issues in your life. You live trying to impress people that probably wouldn't even recognize you in person even if they were following you online. It’s human to want some sort of connection with another human. I just wanted to share a more vulnerable side of myself, hoping someone would relate.

Who and what inspires your beats, rhymes and life?

Ah man, I wish I went to high school in the 90s and love 90s New York hip-hop. Albums like Reasonable Doubt, Illmatic and It Was Written – such vivid storytelling and a great beat selection. I've listened to those albums countless times and think they’re the blueprint to crafting a conceptual project. I’m inspired by moments and location as well. I like creating music that matches the environment I'm in. Just listen to the project to hear the sound i'm referring to. 

Why is it so exciting to be a rap artist in South Africa right now? 

I think apart from just being a "rap artist" it's an amazing time to be a creative in South Africa or Africa as a whole. The world is looking for something new and that means all eyes are on us. I want to do my part to bridge the gap between a local and international  market, and I think the talent that is emerging now is capable of doing that. When they come looking we'll be ready. And they will come looking. 

Who would you like to collaborate with most?

I think locally I want to work with a couple of people, a lot of new acts. I like AKA's music, ‘Mistakes’ and ‘High School’ take me back, and ‘Dreamwork’ was so well executed, so I'm going to say him. Internationally I would love to do a project with Iman Omari, and I’d also want to work with a lot of legends, from 9th Wonder to Jazzy Jeff. 

Which young artists would you like to put on blast?

I'd rather not say, but it will probably come out at some point. Anyway I think just a word to the wise, for now, is that originality is key. I think that we are in a good place musically as a country, but still need more innovators and we need to take more musical risks. Originality is key.

Where can we catch you performing?

Nothing has been finalised, unfortunately, but if you want me at your show just hit me up. I'll let everyone know through my social media as soon as I get final word so if you follow me you can keep up to date with everything.

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