5 Fashion Qs: MamaKashaka

Being a mom has prepared Nandi Dlepu to do the most

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On top of projects like The WKND Social, Bloom, Fixin Diaries: Brunch & Ride and Joho Moms, Nandi Dlepu is an executive producer at a boutique agency who needs to put in the hours to get all of her jobs done.

No surprises then that 'MOM' is at the top of Nandi’s CV, which if you read it upside down is 'WOW' – a role that has prepared this multitalented creative for all her other tasks.

The clincher? That she manages to look amazing while doing all of this juggling. We thought it only fair that she share some of her style knowledge with The Way of Us.

Warning: Scrolling down will make you extremely broody.

Nandi Dlepu

How did your style change when you became a mom?
After I gave birth to my son there were a couple changes but I would definitely say they were more practical than any kind of shift in personality and thus expression. I started wearing a whole lot more high-waisted pants and skirts while I worked to get my waist in and stomach down. My body took its sweet time snapping back and this trend was incredibly forgiving.

Describe your mom's style and what fashion lessons you learned from her?
When I was younger I used to go through my mom's cupboard as well as old family albums and I’d catch myself geeking out at some of the looks I spotted on my mom. The wide-leg pants, kaftans, bell bottoms and all that leather! I used to look at those images with envy. Sadly, a lot of those outfits didn’t make it past the 70s but what did ended up in my closet. To be honest, for the longest time I thought my mom just didn’t get or support my aesthetic but imagine my surprise when going through her archives I’d spot looks not too far from the ones I was rocking. Looks that she now found a little too unorthodox, ha! Hippie mom begets hippie daughter.

What piece would you like to keep for your son and why?
I have this wonderful leather satchel I brought from Red Ooker. I actually bought it with that intention in mind. A little something-something I can pass down to Akani when he came of age. I’ve had the satchel for 2-to-3 years now and already it looks better than it did when it was new and I can already imagine how nicely it will age in the years to come.
Which looks, accessories and apparel should every mom invest in?
Athleisure and sports luxe are your friends because parenting is its own kind of workout. You want to be comfortable as you roll around, run after, stretch with and jump around with your child. Flowy dresses for picnics just aren’t practical as you play and interact with your child. Ease of movement is essential. Also children love the novelty of matching outfits so any opportunity where you can get matching sets do so! From matching dungaree sets for craft dates, to basketball outfits for dad and son. My son now insists on us rocking matching items from time to time.

If you could get any gift this Mother's Day, what would you choose and why?
A Polaroid camera! Great for parties and outings and has that instant gratification element to it that works for both me and Akani.

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