Five trends to try

From pink to faux fur, this is our definitive guide to A/W styling

trends to try pastel fur

Words: Rosie Goddard | Photographs: Glen Montgomery | Styling: Mandy Nash

The thing with trends is that they creep up on you. At first, you can’t imagine yourself in a pair of culottes, let alone culottes paired with a trumpet-sleeved top and loafer slides, but three Instagram sessions later, you’re a woman consumed. You scramble together a plan to sell old clothes and cut back on nights out so that you can buy something you’ve only wanted for five minutes, but now have a deep, emotional connection with.

Perhaps it’s because trend items are the highlights of our wardrobe and the season ahead. There’s nothing more satisfying than a great collection of basics, but it’s these trophy pieces that make getting up in the morning a little more exciting – the sneakers, the statement earrings or the striped off-shoulder top.

The trick is to style your new buys in a way that sets you apart from people donning similar trends. There’s nothing worse than investing your money into something only to find out that everyone else is wearing it in the same way.

Tackle our trend round-up below and make each look your own.

Personal Statement

trends to try blouse top

Is there a thing as too many statement tops? When ruffles, embellishments and fluted sleeves feel this right, the answer is, of course, no. Find the silhouette that works for you – a ruffle lover might feel uncomfortable in voluminous sleeves – and bear proportion in mind when pairing separates.

Make it your own: Decorative details still have their boho association, but we say turn the look on its head by making the top the hero of an athluxe ensemble. To add a little definition, go for a half tuck.

Are you fur real?

trends to try pastel fur

Faux fur never really goes out of style, so once you invest in a jacket, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll want to wear it again and again. Choose a simple colour that’ll lend itself to endless styling opportunities.

Make it your own: Slightly too warm for a faux fur coat? These southern hemisphere winters aren’t what they used to be, but that doesn’t mean you have to furgo a fuzzy coverup. Wear it back off the shoulders and allow a lacy top or bodysuit to stand out.

Velvet Touch

trends to try velvet fashion

This season, we’re cosying up to the sumptuous fabric that is velvet. Inviting and enveloping, it catches the light as it moves, adding a little decadence, day or night.

Make it your own: A few seasons back, you’d wear one velvet item as a standout piece, but this winter we’re taking a “more is more” approach. Layer the velvet up, then contrast tones and textures to create a crush-worthy look that’s not restricted to dimly lit bars.

In Disguise

trends to try camo camouflage

Military details are a must this season, whether you’re a fan of insignia, red and blue joggers, overcoats or lace-up boots. Camo has commanded the trend from the get go, and will forever be a favourite on long weekends and at festivals. But for now, it’s here to lead your night-out look in a new direction.

Make it your own: Blend utility basics with dressier staples in tonal variations – this new night-out look provides welcome reprieve from all-black.

Think Pink

trends to try millennial pastel pink fur

Thought we’d reached peak pink when Legally Blonde got released? Think again. Loved by everyone from Susie Bubble to Tyler, The Creator this hue is experiencing a major renaissance and has reinvented itself as the coolest colour in town.

Make it your own: Go all the way in all-pink. It’s bold, but a colour like this requires something extra. Alternatively, clash a pink piece with red. Some won’t get it, and those who do will be adding to their mental shopping list.

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