5 Fashion Qs: Aisha Baker

The blogger behind Baked The Blog answers five fashion questions

Aisha started Baked The Blog as an outlet to express herself while studying a Bcom instead of her first love, fashion. This time capsule tracks Aisha’s life from emo teen, to fashion mad student, to established blogger and now, the next chapter, married woman who has turned her brand into a business.

Aisha Baker

What's your earliest fashion memory?

My grandmother was a bespoke seamstress, she specialized in wedding dresses so my earliest fashion memory was spending time with her at about five years old in her sewing room ‘helping’ her develop designs for brides.

How many pairs of shoes do you own and when will you have enough?

Oh gosh, this makes me feel kinda guilty, I own well over 60 pairs but I love them all! I do clear out and give shoes to friends or charity at least once a year. I don’t think I will ever have enough its the plague of my generation I’m afraid.

Who are your style icons and why?

Random people are always inspiring to me but I think a major style icon right now is celebrity stylist Monica Rose. She styles Kendall Gigi and Kim (and more) and everything she comes up with kinda turns to gold. She is a modern day trend setter using celebrities as her canvas, pretty dope!

What's your biggest fashion regret?

I attended a huge award ceremony and I had styled myself in a great local ensemble. Days before I got really nervous about my look and changed it to a more well known designer who had made me sign a contract that I would wear the garment. Once I arrived at the event I hated it and posted it online anyway it got a really bad review. I cried for days! But learnt to trust my instinct, I’ve got great style and shouldn't seek validation from anyone.

How will your style change with the seasons and what are you most looking forward to wearing this winter?

I have always been really into athleisure but this season its kinda taking a turn from sports luxe to retro sports luxe. I am excited to loosen up my tighter ensembles to give way to the 90’s baggy revival and pair my looks with retro shades and high shoes. Mixing up tracksuits and hoodies with heels and hoops and paring dressier outfits with sneakers.

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