The Festival Starter Pack

Splashy Fen or Tankwa town, Alexa Chung is the perfect festival fashion inspiration

Words: Modupe Oloruntoba | Photography: Rex Features

The thought process of dressing for a festival can be summed up in this: What would I look great in that I don’t mind making a mess of? A mess will be made, between getting lost looking for your tent and running to the next stage through the rain to make it in time for your favourite band’s set. Splashy Fen is around the corner, and unless you’re making a costume for Afrikaburn, you need to prep outfits for that too. If anyone’s adept at making a carefree attitude look chic, it’s style star and Glastonbury regular Alexa Chung. Take a page out of this festival queen’s book, and remember: if a bit of splattered mud ruins your outfit, you might be doing it wrong.

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Start with Lightweight knit

Even in cooler weather, you probably don’t want to pile on the layers at a festival. You’re outdoors and exposed to every minor change in temperature, so to avoid carrying a backpack full of the layers you have to peel off, try finding the happy medium with a lightweight knit dress or sweater worn with shorts. You can always make up the difference with one or two additional items.

Add on Heavy duty parka

Choose wisely, because this jacket has to work hard right through the festival. Only take one and make it a good one: sizeable pockets to avoid carrying a bag, weatherproof exterior, and compact layers. Unless you’re planning on moshing in snow, stay away from fur and shearling lining. Extra points for a detachable hood.

Finish with Hardy boots

A word of caution: three days of live music in a field in the middle of nowhere is not what most ‘fashion’ boots are designed for. You want to make sure what you’re buying can take the strain of festival life. Hunter, Palladium, G-Star Raw and Caterpillar are proven stars in this category. Do they cost more than the others? Yes. Are they worth every cent? Absolutely. If you’re not really a boots girl, consider a pair of rubber Converse for waterproof comfort.

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