2000s Style Steals

5 fashion moments to remember – and replicate – right now

When you’re done clicking through the “Do you feel old now?” memes and get over the weirdness of revisiting a trend that happened while you were already alive, you’ll be happy to discover that there were a few moments well-worthy of the terms “iconic” or at least “style inspiration” in amongst the sartorial horrors that took place on The Simple Life. Take a look through moments that are worth remembering fondly, then learn how they’ll work in your own wardrobe.

That Sex and the City tutu

sex and the city tutu

Thanks to the opening credits of Sex and the City, anyone who grew up in the 2000s is as likely to think of Sarah Jessica Parker when they see a length of tulle as they are to recall their childhood ballet classes. Stay true to the look in a halter top and strappy heels, or take a chic, winter-ready approach by adding boots, a bodysuit and a cropped jacket.

Destiny’s Child in camouflage

destiny child's camouflage

From their video for Survivor and a Rolling Stone cover, Destiny’s Child had a good few moments in camouflage and army green. You could roll up with the squad dressed in all-over pattern, but you’d probably prefer something a little more subdued, so why not add a jacket or accessory to an outfit of denim and olive green, or mix it up with a military-inspired jacket over a delicate dress?

Cam’ron’s pink fur

Cam'ron's pink fur

If you didn’t understand who Kanye was shouting out with “Pink fur, got Nori dressing like Cam”, when he dropped ‘No More Parties in LA’, you oughta know by now. We can’t find you the pale pink flip phone that Cam used to accessorise the outfit, and the diamonds are optional, but an all-pink aesthetic is a winning look.

The tracksuits that were everywhere

J.Lo Juicy Couture

Whether you get nostalgic for the heyday of J.Lo favourite Juicy Couture by wearing pastel tones or throw it all the way back to the 90s in navy blues and reds, you’ll want to update this one by choosing a tailored style over a flared leg. Keep it sporty with athluxe sneakers and a backpack or go full Paris Hilton with a co-ordinated tote and heels.

Britney Spears in snakeskin everything

Britney Spears snakeskin

There’s something decidedly unnerving about the fact that early-2000s Britney liked to wear snakeskin and actual live snakes, but that’s why we’re only advocating the faux stuff. Bold colours were Britney’s thing, but the latest iteration of the look is more about true-to-life tones – and less top-to-toe pattern, more of Instagram’s favourite grey boot of the moment worn with cut-off denim.

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