Best Long Weekend Style

Whatever the weather, wherever it takes you – pack right

Words: Cayleigh Bright | Photography: Luke Kuisis | Styling: Mandy Nash

Whether you’ve been working a 9-to-5 job for years or you’ve just come back from your first long, long university holiday, a long weekend is equally precious. Rest is important, and the key to getting the most out of time off is simple: prepare by pushing aside anything that will interfere with a good time, whether it’s editing your outfits for a weekend away, clearing your schedule for interrupted relaxation, cueing your Netflix playlist or getting the gang together for a long-awaited catch-up. Here’s how to make sure that your look is the least of your worries.

Hometown glory

Is there anything better than a staycation? Take some time out to explore spots you’ve never seen, hang out with your favourite people, indulge in some day drinking and cosy up to catch up on reading or series.

The outfit: Mix athluxe pieces with high shine for a look that’s as ready to make a statement as it is comfortable lounging on a couch.

The accessories: The beauty of being close to home means that you needn’t plan ahead too much, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for a day in the sun that turns into a night on the town. Your favourite sneakers and a well-stocked backpack will see you through.

Get inspired: This is the time to read the book you’ve been wanting to get to for ages, listen to that podcast your friend recommended, or watch the Oscar-nominated movies that you always seem to miss. Prepare accordingly, and keep only one rule in mind: this is your time out, so indulge in what you enjoy – highbrow literature and gossip magazines alike.

A weekend in the city

Heading off to a new place for business or pleasure? The scene’s set to do some exploring! Get set for days in the sun with cool, comfortable gear and shoes that’ll treat your feet kindly – and if you’ve been wanting to try a new trend, there’s no better time than when you’re surrounded by people you don’t know.

The outfit: Bold, printed pants are having a moment, and this is your moment to try them out. Keep your energy up with a bold top (bonus points for an athletic look) and prepare to explore all day and still have the strength to make eyes at good-looking locals.

The accessories: Shop around for shoes that are recommended for a lot of walking, then pack in some plasters too. Just trust us on this. A backpack is your best travel buddy for navigating tricky public transport situations and stowing everything from another jacket (if you’re paranoid about the cold) to souvenirs (if you’re a hoarder with aspirations of creating ‘holiday scrapbooks’).

Get inspired: You’re going to want to prepare a playlist for this one, especially if you’re exploring solo: after all, it might become the soundtrack to discovering your new favourite place for the very first time.

Oh what a night

A school friend’s wedding, dad’s 60th, your little sister’s graduation dinner – whatever the event, it’s a big day, and you need a look that’s something special.

The outfit: Choose a simple silhouette with a distinctive detail like embroidery or an unexpected colour – it’s an aesthetic and a conversation starter.

The accessories: Sure, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, but that doesn’t mean that you have to buy stuff you’ll only wear once. Shop versatile pieces that’ll become your go-tos for nights out and big days – simple black or tan pieces with plenty of textures are as timelessly stylish as they are ready to stand out.

Get inspired: We know that you’re going to Instagram a Polaroid of you with the man or woman of the hour – graduation gowns, wedding dresses, and your flawless style look even better in print. Whether you’re using an instamatic camera or transforming phone shots with the help of Nifty250, this is one time when even the most phone-averse of older relatives won’t blame you for snapping every moment – especially if you give them a few prints to keep, too.

Family affair

Your family, the in-laws, the future in-laws, or your besties’ parents who’ve kindly invited you to join their holiday? Whatever the multi-generational company, you’ll want to choose looks that show that you’ve made a bit of an effort – and that you’re fully prepared to be bought dinner in a fancy restaurant, should the need arise.

The outfit: A layered look lets you keep your outfit elegant while expressing the unique self that everyone around you knows and loves. Layer strappy tops or slip dresses over polo necks, and play with the proportions of on-trend culottes for a right-on-time look.

The accessories: Grab a bag that can hold everything, from the present you bought to set the tone with your future in-laws, to a book for quiet moments and sunglasses for a fun day out.

Get inspired: Take along a gift for your hosts – whether they’re your own flesh and blood or people you don’t know very well, they’ll appreciate the gesture.

Natural anthem

Whether you’re ready for some authentic, eat-what-you-catch type camping or experiencing the great outdoors from the comfort of holiday accommodation with plenty of hot water and cosy bedding, there’s not much that’s more relaxing than going back to nature. Make sure you’re equipped for hikes, campfires and strolls by the sea.

The outfit: Jeans, leggings, tights or jeggings – the choice is yours and comfort is key. Pair them up with a T-shirt and your favourite sneakers, then add a cosy knit to keep breezes at bay.

The accessories: Invest in a leather bag that’ll last you for life, and you’ll never be without a trusty travel companion again.

Get inspired: Take along your camera for plenty of moments in the sun, or get creative with your phone – whether you’re the type to post arty scenery shots or are just in the market for a good new profile picture with a leafy green backdrop. Depending on how far away you’re venturing, you may be treated to some time offline courtesy of zero network coverage, so pack in some reading material and a notebook where you can keep your witty thoughts for later.