Save vs Spend: Men's Accessories

Get thrifty or live large with these gentleman's essentials

Some things aren’t negotiable: you have to pay your taxes, you have to show up for work every day, and even if you're not into rings and things, you have to at least own some basic accessories. Wallet? A no-brainer. Bag or backpack? A must-have. Watch? Yes, even in 2017 – when you forget to charge your smartphone and you’re still on time for that interview, you’ll thank us. All three are both functional and essential to looking more put together, and if you find yourself lacking in any of these departments, there’s no need to panic, either browse our great value options for easy buys that will work with your wardrobe and your wallet or, if you're feeling flush, invest in the best and upgrade your style. 



It makes sense to build a watch collection that works with the rest of your wardrobe. You own a watch not only for the time, but for the way it looks. So when you find one that comes in at under R450 how can you not buy it? But remember, you can also save money by spending more. Not only will an investment watch last longer, both physically and stylistically, you can hold onto it and hand it down to your kids one day.



Our head of menswear, Ryan Weust, has the following to say about choosing the right bag.

"Okay so depending on what you’re looking for there are a few things you need to ask yourself. Is this for fashion or something specifically functional? Ideally you want a backpack that does both. First find something that fits into your aesthetic and then the functionality you require. Carry a laptop? Does it fit your laptop? Travelling? Are the straps and is the back padded? And it gets trickier from there. There’s just so much more choice now. Drawstring closure, pressed stud closure, clasp closure, zip… and that’s just locking mechanisms. With the rise of fast fashion there’s been a backlash where guys are looking for something with longevity and so we’re now seeing luxury backpacks." 



Look, always buy the best wallet you can afford, but if you don't have any cash left to put inside it then take solace in the fact that there are as many great-looking affordable options as there are investment pieces. Whatever you choose, you need to remember this – put your wallet on a diet, man! That overstuffed billfold is the biggest cause of back pain since the office chair. Get rid of all those receipts, loyalty cards, phone numbers scrawled on bar napkins and other unnecessary crap that’s stuffed in there and  put it in a drawer. Keep change in your car and the coin pocket of your jeans. Money doesn't jiggle-jiggle, it folds.