Starter Pack: Rock Chic

Gigi, Bella and Kendall are your Pixies concert inspiration

Words: Modupe Oloruntoba | Photography: REX Features

‘I live cement/I hate this street/give dirt to me/I bite lament’

Pretty dark, but that’s the kind of melancholic poetry that rock music is known for, and it’s what Pixies fans in Johannesburg and Cape Town have to look forward to this weekend. If you’re a rock fan, you know the drill: band tee, boots, and those tattered jeans you probably wore to your first concert. As is the case with most subcultures, the mood and the music are more important than the aesthetic, but there's nothing wrong with getting the look right, too –  so if you've got the mood and you know the words to more than just "Where Is My Mind?" and "Here Comes Your Man", worry no more: you're about to learn how to dress for a rock concert without sticking out like a sore thumb or getting labeled a poser. Your style icons? Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters, Bella and Gigi. You see, models have been borrowing style from rock stages since forever, and the new generation are doing the same – why mess with a winning formula? Here’s how to steal their look, every time you need to rock out. 

Start with a graphic tee. It doesn’t actually have to be a band tee, especially if everything about you screams ‘green’ (Do you really even know the words to any of the songs yet?). Something simple will get the job done without drawing scrutiny from the rock purists. If you're going the classic merch route, choose your favourite: Nirvana and The Rolling Stones are pretty readily available, for anyone else you'll have to look a little harder. Just remember to check for any long-standing beef between the band on stage and the band on your tee.

Add on a jacket and jeans. Tie it around your waist on a warm evening: you’ll be glad you brought a jacket when the temperature plummets halfway through the second set. The jeans should be your favourite (read: most comfortable) pair, but can be replaced by leatherette skinnies.

Finish with boots and a crossbody. The boots aren’t just a style choice. They make sense as a stylish comfort option for live music, which is often staged at locations that would ruin most other shoes. A cute crossbody or purse is all you should carry, and try keep it as small as possible so that it doesn't make you a target for pickpockets – or get in the way of your fun.