The Mixtape Vol. 93

The Skyscrapers are small rockstars with a big sound

When you have talented young people making music, it's something. But when they're all still in primary school, well, it's worth hearing. And what's more, they rock out as well.

The Skyscrapers formed two years ago and have already released a seven-song EP featuring six original songs – ‘Confusion’, ‘Just Kids’, ‘There’s a Light’, ‘Possibility’, ‘Megaphone’ and ‘Party all Night’ – and a cover of Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Summertime’. Their song ‘Megaphone’ was used to promote M-Net’s Animania animation festival alongside a specially produced music video featuring the band, which flighted daily across eight M-Net channels.

The Way of Us sat in during The Skyscrapers' band practice, and you can see the photographs and read our interview with them in our feature Such Great Heights