Become A Wrap Star

Pinterest-perfect wrapping skills are about to be yours

Words: Rosie Goddard | Video: Dale Anne Scogings, Rosie Goddard, Talya Galasko

Your presents have arrived, the dinner spread has been planned and your tree is twinkling impatiently in the corner. It’s the calm before the Christmas storm, and all that’s left to do is wrap your gifts with so much gusto that even your aunt with the festive season obsession is put to shame (because what is Christmas if not a fight to the death when it comes to outdoing your relatives)?

We’re here to help you delight every last recipient with ‘where did you learn that?’ wrapping techniques. Ribbon and scissors at the ready – this may be whitest video you’ll watch this December, but one thing’s for sure: it’ll have you wrapping with all the panache of Rowan Atkinson and Suzelle DIY’s love child.

If it doesn’t, at least you’ll have a Pinterest fail to show your friends.

Oh, starry night

For: Just about anyone – this technique’s failsafe.

Skip: Travelling with this gift – silver sequins everywhere.

You will need: Plain paper, double sided tape, normal tape and flat sequins or homemade confetti.

Just because the person receiving your gift doesn’t have an eye for detail doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay true to your newfound love for artful present wrapping. This technique is the simplest and easiest to pull off, and it’s also one of the most striking. Plus, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as that neat, sparkling line you’re about to create. Suzelle, eat your heart out.

Cello-brate good times

For: The Christmas lover in your family. You know the type – the yearly round robin wrap-up email has been sent, the mince pies baked, the carefully chosen gifts wrapped months in advance, the expectant stare when you open your present.

Skip: Anyone who gets stressed by mess.

You will need: Homemade confetti, cellophane, plain paper, ribbons, tape and a vacuum for all that spilt confetti (there will be casualties).

Full of festive flair, this technique will have you doing your best Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually impression. Break out your homemade confetti (a mixture of tinsel, metallic paper, sequins and colourful hole-punched paper snipped up and thrown together) and use so much of it that it feels like your gift is being immersed in its own miniature snowstorm. Just don’t forget to wrap the present in a layer of plain wrapping paper first to preserve the surprise.

Flower power

For: People who appreciate the finer things – ideal for the more refined members of your family (and over 30s).

Skip: Anyone under the age of 18 – your efforts will go unnoticed.

You will need: Flowers, plain paper, string, tape, ribbon, a glass of sparkling wine (because you’re feeling classy).

Flowers are one of the best decorating tools, and bonus, they’re free. We’re not suggesting you rip up a protea bush or steal your neighbour’s beautifully cultivated agapanthus, but a few sprigs of lavender, some roses or even a few rosemary stalks against simple brown paper and striped string will speak volumes about your superior abilities as a gift giver.

Go out with a bang

For: Anyone under the age of 20. Alternatively someone that appreciates a good surprise.

Skip: Anyone who hates loud noises.

You will need: A balloon and some spares, homemade confetti, a funnel, a fun-loving relative that’s willing to lend an extra pair of hands just in case.

Part of the joy of unwrapping a present is the build up to the big reveal. Take this to the next level when it comes to the smaller surprises (and we mean small) – jewellery works perfectly.

Anything bigger will get wedged and your Christmas cheer will end up in tatters, just like your balloon. Before blowing up your fully intact balloon, funnel some confetti inside, and drop in your present. Extra points for helium so you can attach it to the tree!

There you have it – four foolproof wrapping techniques that’ll have most of your relatives questioning whether you’ve got too much free time and your Christmas cracker crown-wearing aunt vowing to seek vengeance on you in 2017.