Summer in a Snap

Silly season fun and misadventure through an INSTAX mini viewfinder

Words: Modupe Oloruntoba | Photographs: Supplied by Eleigh Kheswa, Charl Edwards, and Gabrielle Kannemeyer

Isn't summer the best time to make memories? Everyone's up for anything, your leave days are stacked and ready, and the weather is (mostly) friendly. These are the perfect conditions for adventures - or misadventures - of any kind, and when you're back at your desk, nothing is more fun than looking back on a holiday well spent. Polaroid photography picked up again a while ago with the introduction of a much simpler kit for capturing the moments you want to hold on to: Fujifilm's Instax mini instant cameras and film range. With decorative frames for any mood and simple settings with beautiful results, an instax camera and a roll (or two) of film are the only partners you need to make the summer fun last forever.

We gave three of our friends a small challenge: tell us a summer story in less than 10 snaps. Read on to go shopping with blogger Eleigh Kheswa, explore the sunny outdoors with art director Charl Edwards, and use bullet shells to deck a tree (not kidding) with stylist Gabrielle Kannemeyer.


When one of Shakespeare’s most famous sonnets compares the beauty of a woman to a summer’s day, how dare I dislike summer? You know summer is in full swing when you can sit comfortably in the night, beneath the stars, and have no need for a jersey, because the breeze is more refreshing than biting. Some of my fondest memories were created in summer and I will forever be infatuated with it.

My summers are more about:

  • Reading a good book on a Sunday afternoon as the sun streams in through the window, illuminating the room, and brightening up my mood.

  • Sitting on the couch at the Bungalow, indulging in a cocktail as the sun goes down.

  • Rooftop vibes at Yours Truly on Kloof Street as I jam to old school medleys mixed by a DJ and a live guitarist.

  • Falling (deeper) in love. This may seem a bit platitudinous – but love is so much more enchanting in summer.

  • Lapping up that ice-cream in less than 1 minute before it melts into a puddle at the bottom of the cone.

Half of my Saturday was spent at work, and the rest of it included sundowners at One & Only’s Vista Bar, learning the difference between Methode Cap Classique (MCC) and champagne courtesy of a new friend who is a Sommelier, and dancing all the way into Sunday morning. Granted, these images are not direct representation of what my summers are about – one should always leave room for days wasted on recovery from the previous night’s debauchery. After several naps and ample glasses of lemon water, I eventually left the house for some impromptu festive shopping. ‘Tis the season to try to escape bumper to bumper traffic leaving the V&A. I then retired for the night, with a book by Zakes Mda titled Little Suns (so fitting).


"I'm a creature of habit, and love to visit my regular spots on the weekend. So when the sun's out and surf's nice, you'll most probably find me between the rocks at Bakoven beach enjoying a cool dip in the Atlantic. Nothing beats this spot, and the opportunity for a lazy sunset nap. But if the wind is out, I'll be home, on the couch, enjoying the views and my favourite magazine. Oh, and more naps.

When the sun has set the pavement at my local sidewalk cafe is my go-to spot for pizza and a glass of wine. I always have the same pizza. No surprises."


We got the film on Saturday morning before we did our life errands like going to the barber, nail salon visit, getting pierced, going to a horse farm etc, you know, the usual.

After we picked it up we headed through to my man's (Clint) barber on Long Street to have his locs dreaded. I got my nails touched up while I waited, snapped the first pic of him and Rasta midway through the appointment.

We headed through to Canal walk and I got my nose piercing stretched, we then headed to my mom's place in Franschhoek to chill on a farm with horses and eat fancy cheeses. I got a little bit sad at some point on Sunday and Clint asked me what would cheer me up so I said I'd be stoked if I could style him and take pictures. He was into it. Had some fabric and random things in the boot of my car (as stylists and hoarders do) I used all of that and dressed my beautiful person head to toe in gold, G-STAR and Louis Vuitton denim. Made me pretty happy tbh.

Before we headed back home to Long Street, we drove up Mont Rochelle to watch the sunset and appreciate the blessings of life etc. On our way down we noted all of the small baby christmas trees along the road and decided one of them should be ours (trees in town cost R400). We stopped off and Clint emancipated a small tree from the earth. We were homebound... We thought it would be a great idea to pop in at Pick 'n Pay at the V&A to get stuff to dress our new tree... but then 7's Rugby traffic happened - 2 and a half hours of it. My car overheated and melted some things in the gearbox, I think. Anyway we had to pull over in the parking garage at the aquarium and throw water on things under the hood. It was quite dramatic. We finally got home and dressed the tree with earrings, bullet shells and gold necklaces instead.