The swimwear guide to greatness

Checkout the season’s best bikinis and what they say about you

Words: Sibu Mabusela | Photographs: The Seppis | Stylist: Gabrielle Kannemeyer

Anyone who’s ever tried to find the ideal swimwear piece will tell you it’s not easy, it can take months and up to years to find a bikini that’ll suit you just right. From fit to colour, to designs and silhouettes, there's just so much to consider when getting together your scorchingly hot summer ensembles. This is the part where we tell you not to fear, because we've gone ahead and selected the freshest swimwear pieces for you to shop. Ones for all those yacht parties, poolside lounge sessions and of course your beach-to-bar adventures. And because we’re firm believers in bad-gal gal-squads, we’ve compiled a collection that will celebrate each and every one of your squad's personality types. That’s right, we’ve got swimwear for the baddest of them all, the boho baddie, the fiercest of femmes and the print princess. Go on and read up about what these pieces say about you.


When it comes to letting your hair down and having a good time, you know how to do it best. You’re the party starter, and naturally, the first person your friends consult as to where you’ll spending the summer nights. You’re spontaneous and love all things street chic, that’s why we recommend nothing but brightly coloured pieces for your spontaneous self. And with colour blocking making a huge comeback this season, there’s simply no better way for you to incorporate it into your wardrobe than in strappy bikini pieces you’ll be wearing all summer long. We’re talking top brands like Bikini Love, South Beach, Marie Meili and more, bringing us the freshest of neoprene and reversible pieces you’ll love. And how could it possibly get any better? If you slipped these babies on and headed to the beach bar, of course, taking on the summer heat and looking great while doing it from sunrise to sunset. Invited to a yacht party? Pair your brightest piece with a white cover up, Havaianas and sunhat for effortless styling that will have you looking great throughout.


This bad girl epitomises great style – she’s your blogger friend who knows every B-list celebrity living in a 50km radius. She’s also the one whose closet you’re always ready to raid because whatever the occasion, she’ll have something you can borrow. Heard about that product launch and keen to attend? This gal’s already been invited and RSVPed you as her plus one. She’s all about fun nights, fabulous get togethers and of course, enjoys her fair share of lazing about in style.

What do we have in store for her? Glorious prints and lovely bikini silhouettes she’ll be Insta-snapping all summer long. Being seen in the same thing twice is an absolute no-no, so we’ve gone ahead and widened the selection, adding graphic halterneck prints and reversible strappy pieces she’ll enjoy while poolside lounging and at the beach bar.


This bikini selection is for the adventurous at heart and the gal pal who won’t settle for anything but the best swimwear selection. She’s down for a great time and is also the friend who always manages to be allocated designated driver. Whether you’re surfing the waves or just the net, you want to look good and feel even better while you’re at it, and we don't blame you. That’s why we’ve selected slim-fitting and oh-so-gorgeous pieces just for you from Bacon Bikinis. They’re affordable, come in a wide variety of prints and fits and are a great selection for the outdoorsy girl who enjoys poolside lounging as much as she does a summer cruise. Love a ruched bottom? They’ve got that. More of a strappy kinda gal? They’ve got that too, whatever you’re into, Bacon has you sorted.


We’d be absolutely awful if we left out the boho gal. She’s the friend who’s always first in line whenever someone proposes you head to a retreat, and rightly so because she absolutely loves camping and nature. Heck, she’s probably got a baby tattoo on her finger. Boho gal does things her way and enjoys standing out from the crowd, that’s why you’ll never find any of the clothes she wears in retail stores. Which is great for her because it means she’ll never have bump into someone wearing a matching outfit. Boho gal is daring with her style and would much rather die than be a doppelganger (so we guess twinning for her is out of the question?). That’s why for her, we’ve got the crochet bikini. Coming at you in earthy tones and neutral colours, the crochet bikini makes yet another comeback this summer and is designed in even better silhouettes. Whether your boho gal pal prefers strappy silhouettes or a one piece swimsuit, we've got a range of crokinis for her to choose from.

So now that you and your gal pals have your swimwear sorted, there’s only one thing left for you to do, and that's to take on the summer with a bang. Head out to the beach, the rooftop pool party, and those amazing sundowners where they play nothing but deep house all night – then live your best life stylishly clad in personality-suited swimwear.