Suit yourself

Formalwear that will make you the best-dressed guest

Words: Sibu Mabusela | Photography: Bevan Davis | Styling: Gabrielle Kannemeyer 

Best part of the summer season? We couldn’t pinpoint it if we tried. The days are longer, the weather's warmer — and if you’ve planned your yearly leave just right — you’ve got a bit more time on your hands to enjoy family, friends and of course the summer sun.

Heck, some people love summer so much they plan their whole year around it. They plan weddings, birthdays and homecoming dinners, others spend their whole winter cooped up in the gym so they can unleash a piping-hot summer bod when the weather warms up. Well your beach body 2017 plans should've started months ago, but we can help you with some last minute style tips for the festive season. We’ve compiled a five-step plan on how you too can be best-dressed at all of your formal summer events. The other part, you’ll have to figure out yourself.


You’ve already RSVP'd to your mate's wedding, and because you’ve been having such a good darn time enjoying sundowners on rooftop bars with the smoothest of deep house jams and coldest of beers, it simply slipped your mind that you had T-minus 4 days to prep for something that may be the greatest day in your life — losing your favourite wingman and toughest beer pong competitor to marriage! We say panic no more, we’ve got a classic you simply can’t go wrong in, and that’s the chino. Great for the type of formal wedding held in a chapel, or casually rolled up and paired with brogues and a crisp white button-up shirt for the more laidback boho beach wedding, the chino is a closet staple you simply have to have. The best part? You won’t be shoving these into the back of your closet never to be worn again, they work just as effortlessly for the office, after-hours drinks and everything else in between.


Spent all winter in the gym without ever skipping leg day? If this is you, we’ve got good news: Superbalist has stocked up on various formal shorts for you to go wild in! (Figuratively speaking, of course). We’re talking well-designed chino shorts tailored for this specific scenario. Take a note from Pharrell and wear yours with lace-up brogues, statement socks, a collared button-up shirt and matching blazer. Best part about these? They pair just as effortlessly with a graphic tee and low-top sneakers. Another plus? You could always recreate the beach wedding look for dinner with mom, trust us, she’ll be super impressed with how well her little boy has cleaned up.


Pastels have made a major comeback this summer, and what better way to show off how good you look in them than at a dressed-up event where you'll have hundreds of photos taken from all angles. Wear ‘em, pair them, mix and match 'em, or head out in head-to-toe pastel if you dare, because one thing's for sure, however you rock the trend, you're guaranteed an impeccable look. Now would be a great time to start prepping your dance moves – there's no point being the best-dressed guest if you don't have the moves to back it up. Cue bridesmaid Thandeka who asks you for a dance because you’re looking so dapper and you panic and start off with a running man, end up with no number, no dignity, and nothing else besides your good looks.


This shirt is the season's answer to the regular collared shirt. Not only does it feel different, but it has a hella good look too. We’re guessing you’re going for the "ooh" or "ahh" effect – the kind of reaction Cristiano Ronaldo must get when he steps out of his black Lamborghini Aventador and the paps go wild! No? Well, you better brace yourself because that’s the effect this shirt has on people. Only on a smaller scale where they may not whip out their camera phones or anything, but they’ll most definitely crane their necks to have a better look at you. Not that you're doing it for them anyway. This is all about you. Best to pair this bad boy with black chinos, some sick Oxfords and your favourite wide-brimmed hat.


Still haven’t found your ideal wedding match? Opt for a badass short-sleeved shirt, not only does it feel good (because you know – heat) but it pairs just as well with a suit and tie as its long-sleeved older brother, except it comes with the added benefit of being well ventilated. Great dancer? Then this may just be your best friend. When it comes to the reception and the men have stripped their blazers and the ladies have lost their stilettos, you’ll be looking as cool, calm and collected as Denzel Washington in Training Day (and possibly every other movie he’s ever made), breaking it down in your short-sleeved shirt, rolled-up chinos and dark brown Derbys. Best part about this shirt? You can wear it all season long, and it will carry you straight from the boardroom to the bar.

Congratulations! You’re now ready for wedding season, and there's just one more thing for you to do – party up a storm.