Take it outside

This summer survival kit lets you live your best laidback life

Words: Kale Shayde | Photographs: The Seppis | Styling: Mandy Nash

The key to a successful summer vacation is balance. For all the crazy adventures you’ll never forget, there are the other nights out you struggle to remember. For every day party taking you out of your comfort zone, there’s an entire 24-hours spent in recovery-mode, taking it easy at home. The real summer experts, though, understand that the party and the chill are two sides of the very same coin – knowing that to play hard, you need to relax even harder.


You already know that they’re the most Instagrammable home accessories of the moment, but come on – these guys have more going for them than their looks. Trust us, you’ve never known relaxation quite like lounging on a gigantic inflatable pizza slice, pineapple or Pegasus.


This is a summer you’re going to want to remember, right? If you want to snap the good times, the best people and the most fire looks, this is what you’ll be adding to your Wishlist. Special Instax bonus: everyone looks better in a Polaroid!


Your trusty beach towel is going to be accompanying you on a whole lot of summer adventures, so choose wisely. Grab a few extras if you have a pool – you never know when the party’s going to come back to your place.


The key to poolside relaxation are the right beats, and you know this. Get the sound that matches your impeccable music taste. Like it loud? Go for a noise-cancelling option so that you can chill to the sounds of the Lil Yachty without intruding on the Jack Johnson listening that your poolside neighbour is indulging in.


If you’re relaxing, do it right. That means one of these babies. Park it next to your pool, take it along when you go camping, or set it up at an outdoor party and expect a number of envious eyes to be on you.

Model: Nicolas Van Graan @ 20 model management

Model: Jana Skye @ BOSS models

Hair: Mary Gouveia

Makeup: Dale Titus @ One League