3 ways to wear: Shorts

Athleisure inspired shorts are the perfect answer to summer’s shorter hemlines

Words: Melly Neil | Photography: Glen Montgomery | Styling: Robin-Jade Carolus 

Your summer shorts game needs to work harder than that go-to pair of cheeky denim-cutoffs, and while your Daisy Dukes deserve their time in the sun, fashion's feeling modern silhouettes that are so damn versatile. A variation of the jogger short, these shorts are looser, more comfortable and won’t cling to your thighs in the heat. Here’s our take on sophisticated shorts that embrace the sports-luxe look, and will bring athletic chic and cool comfort to wherever you happen to stretch your pins this summer.

Blending in rather than standing out is easy with chic city shorts. This very leggy look is office-apt (A high waist makes you look taller as well as more put-together), and forms part of an urban trend where more formal attire, like blazers and heels, are used to create looks that generate plenty of visual interest instead of making the wearer blend in with the rest of the corporate drones. With a few simple tweaks and adjustments it’s also very easy to take these shorts from day to night or from the office to cocktails. Please can we raise a glass to how good champagne and rose hues look on dark skinned-girls? Have-to-have accessories with which to pair this edgy pink pleather number with, include: a lightweight statement bomber, a leather satchel, and matching tonal accessories.

Those with an eye for adventure and looking to make their great escape this summer should slip into a pair of sateen navy tailored shorts. The look is kind of sporty, then taken to almost touristy places when worn as part of an ensemble that includes statement sunglasses, a backpack and our new favourite sneaker, the Gazelle. Depending on what needs ticking off on your to-do list, this short is just right for that unfussy holiday look you’ve been looking forward to cultivating all winter long. The clincher? If you’re snake-hipped, the cinched waist will create the illusion of curves, but it's slimming too. Either way, you're about to look your living-your-best-vacation-life loveliest. 

When the mood is chill, flirty cotton shorts in a summery print will add interest to any outfit and help you get your sea legs. In this case it’s a very kicked back beach ensemble of Birkenstocks, Yankees cap, round-frame tortoiseshell sunglasses, oversized white shirt, tote bag, crop top and a shawl-slash-towel that will make wherever you are feel like a day at the beach. The easy fit shorts have an elasticised waistband for easy access and because they look as good on the beach as they do in the city, you’ll be slipping in and out of them for casual date nights, summer swims and whatever other activities calls for you to free your knees and feel the breeze. 


Model: Michelle W at 20 Management | Photography Assistant: Lufezo-Jigga Thomas | MUA: Roxanne Sayers