SxITC Wrap Up

A SUPER weekend spent at the Braam Beach Party and Emmarentia Dam

Words: Oratile Mashazi | Photographs: Visual Content Gang

Superbalist In The City set Jozi alight last weekend with the epic Braam Beach Party and a day at Emmarentia Dam. Besides being a superb way to spend two days, there was also the amazing fashion, incredible performances and even a summer shower over the Braam Beach.

The weekend was similarly drenched with sounds from all over the world. Shekinah’s sweet, raspy tones were striking, and the ‘Back to the Beach’ singer opened her set with a cover of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Moment for Life’. This really helped to get the crowd in their feels, reminding us how momentus the occasion was – a beach in the city is something every Joburger secretly wishes for come summer, as we scheme on which ocean we'll have to visit to cool off.

Until Until hosted the event with a lively stage presence and their resident superstar DJ Capital came through with the weekend’s most incendiary set. With a drummer on stage to emphasize every beat, every drop, every cadence, Capital stole the show.

That is, until Riky Rick showed up and everyone in the crowd took their shirts off for Boss Zonke, moshed to the intro of Riky’s 'Nafukwa' and went crazy for 'Slyza Tsotsi'.

The heavens opened somewhere into Stilo Magolide’s set, and while some ran for cover, others decided that this was their chance to go absolutely nuts. 

"Are you here to dance or nah?" Stilo asked, before dropping into ‘Mr Party’ for the roaring, raving kids of Braamfontein.

Stilo is one of Braam’s kings. He understands the crowd and what they love, having pioneered some of Braam’s culture and style along with the rest of the BoyznBucks. It was a special moment to see the street culture that started in the city’s creative nexus reach such heights, and even bring the rain back to GoliWood.

Right after DJ Tira took us all back with a set of classic house tunes and banging afro beats, AKA closed the show. As always, he was a stellar performer and a must-see for every fan of commercial music.

Everybody had come out to the Beach Party. Tarryn Alberts, aka Boom Boom, aka the most beautiful dancer to ever do it was there doing her thing in mesh and Nike Huaraches. I bumped into Maps Maponyane at the party’s Private Beach. I even got a glimpse of Nomuzi Mabena, with cute cropped hair, and Ms Cosmo, in silver lame shorts and Superstars, living their best lives. Laura Windvogel, aka Lady Skollie, was grooving in the sexiest dance circle I’ve ever seen, wearing a gold bra, 2Bop spottie and denim jumpsuit.

"I love how people are dressed for the beach but still street," said Lady Skollie. "Its like beach avant-garde or Street Beach Chic. Actually, maybe Street Beach should be the hashtag?!"

In Jozi, your sneaker game is what will make or break your swag and the Braam kids brought it. Everywhere there were kicks. At Emmarentia Dam I saw that Jordans, AirMaxes, AirForces, Superstars and Cortez dominated the weekend. It seems the style of urbanity and comfort pervades the city, although some glamazons did pull through to the parties in heels, and deserve an honourable mention for their composure and elegance. 

The next day was sunny and sweet. Emmarentia Dam is an idyllic piece of Johannesburg, with people picnicking and sailing at the venue. It took time for the swaggy people to come through, but as the day progressed the general aesthetic was deemed to be ‘utility luxe’, a mixture of the practical and trendy. Imagine safari hats and Doc Martens matched with mesh tops and ripped denim. Or running shorts paired with Air Force ones.

Lady Skollie slayed it with her look, on what's supposed to be a day of rest... The boots, the cropped jacket, the Fendi stunners and her most lush pout came together superbly. Her inspiration for the style was Ms Fenty of Barbados, more commonly known as Rihanna. Skollie is so amazing, funny and fly, she became my inspiration for the festival, always ready to jam and always ready with the one liners. 

"I’m channeling RiRi today, call me Rihanna-Lite."

Mac Miller headlined Sunday’s concert and had his fans swaying, singing and rapping along to his unique sound. Giving a high energy performance, but still slowing it down to offer real insight and context into his artistic journey, he reminded everyone that music is the great communicator, able to traverse the globe and unify all.

"Music brought me from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to see all you beautiful people and perform in this amazing country," said Mac.

And us South Africans are an amazing bunch; a singing, dancing nation that never misses an opportunity to celebrate, especially when we're enjoying the sun and sounds of what promises to be a special summer.