Superbalist In The City Lineup

Our guide to the Superbalist In The City acts you can't miss

By Hugh Upsher

Allow me to dive into reckless stereotyping mode and say Joburgers know what they like, and that they’re not interested in waiting around to get it. That is why offering those north of the wall three specialised events seemed the inevitable next step for the crew behind Rocking the Daisies. Unlike the typical Capetonian, who looks forward to meandering somewhat aimlessly for four days while exploring new sounds and feeling the daisies between their toes, Joburgers are far more focused. So what are they getting exactly? I’ve got some ideas as to who they'll zone in on. 

AND Lift Off

When Joburgers jol, they jol hard, so Superbalist In The City obviously had to accommodate for this by throwing in an extra party on the Friday just to warm people up. Partnering with the TOYTOY event was an obvious choice, and bringing Eats Everything will be the real kicker of the night. The equation is simple: take a premier underground dance music event and slap an international DJ on top. But what does international DJ even mean in 2016? Well, Eats Everything is the type of international DJ that plays stages at Coachella and Ultra Music Festival, so check out his SoundCloud already.

Braam Beach Party

Riky Rick is making world-class hip-hop tracks that could only come from South Africa. Him and the Boyznbucks crew have brought a powerful blast of creative energy to the South African hip-hop scene, stepping up the game with each new track. Make sure you’re front and center for when Amantombazane starts playing – it will bring the house down (if people are still saying that).

Braam Beach Party

AKA has been keeping busy these last few years with collaborations that have seen him become not just one of South Africa’s biggest rappers, but one of the biggest in Africa. Collaborations with Burna Boy from Nigeria and Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania have helped him to resonate wider than the South African circuit and opportunities to catch him at local shows may become more rare in the future because of that.

Superbalist In The City Concert

Let's be honest here, Foster The People is known by most of us as the guys who did ‘Pumped Up Kicks’. You know how it goes, “Better run, better run, faster than my bullet”. A song that was very blatantly about murdering kids totally slayed the international charts and resulted in the band's album Torches getting a Grammy nomination. Don’t be that person in the crowd who says: "I didn’t know this was also by them" - Foster The People deserve way better than that. And then, while you're at it, don’t forget to catch up with everything Mac Miller has ever done before walking through those gates in October.