The Superb Khanyi Pupuma

Raise your glass to the micro-brewer and his Jwarha Lager

After some pints at Beerhouse on Long, Khanyi Pupuma enrolled himself in a craft beer workshop. One class was all it took for him to realise that his future career lay in beer-making, so he went and bought his first home-brewing kit. Not long after, he approached Stone Circle Brewery, a relatively new establishment that allowed him to start producing beer on a larger scale – and since then he's been producing 3000 bottles a month, with big plans to expand.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not working?

I enjoy Ultimate Frisbee on the beach.

What’s the next thing you’d like to tick off your bucket list?

It has to be sky-diving.

What are the top 10 things on your wish list?

My wish list includes things I believe I WILL attain:

  1. Travel the world.
  2. Be interviewed by Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu.
  3. Establish Ekhaya Brewery in the global market.
  4. Have an impact on how the youth see entrepreneurship in SA.
  5. To see entrepreneurship being included as part of the South African school curriculum at elementary level.
  6. Get married and start my own family one day.
  7. I'd really love to meet Jay Z and pick his mind at a business level.
  8. Experience zero gravity.
  9. Swim with dolphins (even though I'd be soooo freaked out ma gaaaawwsshh).
  10. Experience being driven in a driverless car.

How did you start doing what you do? 

I brew beer, so it went from being a hobby into a business, and I got inspired by DJ Sbu's Mo'Faya energy drink brand.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs wanting to start a business? 

Just start, and figure out everything as your business grows.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

"You don't need large sums of capital to start your business" – Ian Thorpe

What would you do with a R100 000 investment? 

I would reinvest into Ekhaya Brewery to increase my brewing capacity.

Which words or phrases do you overuse? 

"Ma gaaaawwssh" (you'd have to hear me say it, haha!)

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I'm more of a good cop than a bad cop so I'd add a little bit of bad cop in me. To strike a balance. 

What is your most treasured possession? 

I have a 'Black Book', with all my business ideas locked up, far far away.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to face in doing what you do? 

Being young – because people don't take you seriously when you're young.

Which historical figure do you identify with the most? 

My response will be controversial to some but here goes nothing; Stalin, purely because he had a plan and he followed through accordingly. If you have an idea, come up with a plan and carry it out!

What is your biggest regret? 

Biggest regret was, in a word, "greed", which resulted in me falling victim to a scam.

When and where were you happiest? 

When I sold my first beer at Stone Circle Brewery.