The Mixtape Vol. 55

Diskotekah, or DTK as they now prefer to be known, bring the heat

There's no need to introduce Gavin Mikey Collins and Michael Beaumont Cooper, the boys behind Diskotekah, as we featured them in length in our Maven feature, The Funsters

In case you missed it, the gist was that it's better to be gay than grumpy and that these guys are throwing the funnest party in town. Problem was, while you could read their party tips, look at their outfits and shout, Yas Kween!, every time you agreed with something they said, there was no sound, which is why we asked the party boys to share a set with us and answer our questions. 

Is there anything we didn't touch on in our first feature, or anything that's changed since then that you'd like to mention?

GMC: Since we last chatted to you we had another party experience Diskotekah: DiskoTokyo5000, which was one of our best parties yet. We have added a few new faces to the team and also started to rebrand slightly. We have started using the abbreviation DTK (mostly due to people’s really terrible spelling) but also to make us more accessible to a larger audience. So still Diskotekah but also DTK (think along the lines of Louis Vuitton and the LV logo). We are also planning on launching a really limited collection of clothing, which would see us collaborating with some DTK royalty.

MBC: Well, you didn't touch me, but other than what Gav mentioned, there are one or two more changes to be made to the DTK brand, but for now that’s a secret and we would have to kill you if we told you. The choice is yours, cake or death?

Cake, please. Where is today's set from, who was the DJ and what do you remember from the night?

GMC: This set was from a really wild night at DiskoTokyo5000. Michael (DJ Diskotekah) played this set and although my memory from the night is patchy (to say the least) I remember a lot of glitter, kimonos, Hello Kitty stickers, cherry blossoms, smiling faces and wicked dance moves.

MBC: This set was from DiskoTokyo5000, I DJ'd. I remember being late, not having time to do my makeup, my Uber driver being really nice, the party was very pink (of course!) and only my first four tequilas.

When's the next event taking place and what's the theme?

GMC: Our next party, Diskotekah: Emo-Chanel is happening on Saturday 28th May at Evol (Hectic on Hope). Check out our Facebook page for more info!

This set was made for the club, what do you think will happen if people get into it first thing Monday morning? 

MBC: I think people who did not come to DiskoTokyo5000 will have a meltdown for not coming and wish they had been there, and will definitely come to the next one! Now that I got that off my breast, I think the set transcends into easy listening as well as "DOP SKOP DONDER", because it is very groovy.

Describe your dance style. 

GMC: Imagine a baby flamingo wearing 6-inch heels and a corset; slightly intoxicated but having the best time ever! I always try and let go completely when I’m on the dance floor but it’s also important to make sure you are still looking cute.

MBC: My dance style is an attempt to stay up and not fall over in my stilettos

Anything to add, please do so here... 

GMC: We have found that there are still quite a few misconceptions about Diskotekah. First of all, we are not a trance party and we don’t play trance music. It’s in the name guys… “Disko” “Tekah” (Disco & Techno). Also we are not a “gay” party. DTK is for everyone. It’s a safe space for all people, regardless of gender, race, sexuality and age, to be creative and express themselves liberally. 

MBC: I would like to further add that DISKOTEKAH is a free for all. No T no SHADE, this is a place for you to represent yourself however you wish to. If you're feeling jeans and a T-shirt on the night, that's totally cool, if you're into bondage, then rope up. It's an experience that allows you to be who you want to be for a few hours, in a world that tries to be all autocratic and shit. I believe that rather than being affected by what is going on, affect it with good vibes and love and light and glitter and techno.