Give In To The Force

Why people who don't like Star Wars should watch Star Wars

By Hugh Upsher

Everyone has their stance on Star Wars, and it’ll range anywhere from unhealthy obsession to complete apathy. Whether you like it or not, thanks to Disney’s revival of the franchise you’re going to be hearing and seeing a whole bunch more of it in the next few years (or decades). I’d hazard a guess that you probably weren’t around for the hype of the original three episodes (4, 5 and 6), but I’d argue that there is no better time to get clued up than right now. Let me explain why.

You’ll finally get all those references

Almost every movie and TV series made after Star Wars has some type of homage or reference snuck in. Think of all the subtle quotes and gestures that have fallen flat in your uneducated mind over the years. Think of all the random characters you’ve seen on T-shirts, with no grasp of what made them so adored in the first place. By watching all of the Star Wars movies you’d get the chance to finally figure out what ‘the force’ actually is, and why ‘come to the dark side’ is not a good idea.

It’s beautifully bizarre

If for no other reason, watch the Star Wars movies for the bonkers characters that show up in every single scene. People rarely mention how mind-blowingly ludicrous every part of this dense universe is. From a colony of tiny bear people to a suspiciously Jamaican sounding upright platypus frog, it seems as though the character designers have never had someone say no to them in their entire lives. At the centre of everything, Harrison Ford is an understated comedic genius. His character Hans Solo loathes just about everything, and is hated by what seems to be the entire universe. What’s not to like?

They are great movies

It seems obvious, but critically speaking, the Star Wars films are very, very good (episode 4 to 7 particularly). Many people are thrown off by the idea of it being a complicated sci-fi franchise that only nerds can truly appreciate, but this is far from the truth. The Star Wars movies, although set in space, are really just fun action adventure films with the perfect balance of laughs, drama and high-speed chases. You don’t need to know anything about quantum physics or black holes to love the characters diving around on screen. Best yet, they have aged really well, especially for the amount of ambitious special effects going on.

They are not going away, ever

Since Disney literally bought the rights to the entire universe, they are not going to hold back. With one new episode already done and dusted, and side stories already starting to break the surface, it looks like Star Wars will be difficult to ignore for the foreseeable future. It’s going to get to a point where announcing that you’ve never watched Star Wars will be the equivalent of saying you’ve never drank Creme Soda, a plausible claim, but people will assume you were raised wrong. I strongly suggest giving into the force and succumbing to the inevitable. May the Fourth be with you.