The Mixtape Vol. 52

The Record Store Day mix

After our profile on the wax junkie behind Roastin' Records proved just how addictive the needle can be, Wentzel van der Gryp became the gateway to Permanent Record's label owner Rouleaux van der Merwe. And while this vinyl record collector was featured, he never made us a mixtape. To celebrate Record Store Day we asked him to curate something for The Way of Us, and the result is a playlist comprising music that he’s either had a hand in releasing on vinyl or by a local band that he loves. Rouleaux was also kind enough to educate us on the importance of Record Store Day.

What is Record Store Day?

This is an annual event that celebrates independently owned record stores. It usually happens halfway through April. Currently RSD is much more established in the US and Europe where you will find RSD-specific releases. 'RSD releases' are all released on the same day and these titles are highly sought after in some vinyl collecting circles. The notable thing about these RSD releases is the fact that bands usually release a B-side song or a unique version of a song, or a vinyl only remix of a song or a RSD-only EP. There's almost always something unique about these releases. 

How do you celebrate it?

At this stage in South Africa the only way we can celebrate RSD is by going to your local record store and supporting the small business venture that sells your beloved vinyl. If you are in the US, for example, you will also go down to your local 'dealer', but you will have the opportunity to purchase these 'RSD releases'. RSD in the US is also notable for the incredibly long queues, over crowded stores and some people lose their shit if they can't score a release they are after. What happens a lot of the time is that these releases end up on eBay or discogs at hugely inflated prices.  

Where can we celebrate RSD in SA?

Go to your local independent record store and buy something! All the better if you buy a local release! Not all local record stores celebrate RSD (seeing as we don't have access to those RSD releases yet), but it is the idea of keeping a locally owned small business afloat. This alone makes the day worth celebrating. Without independent record stores, record labels like Permanent Record will not be able to exist. 

Metallica were the unofficial ambassadors of the first Record Store Day in 2008 and this year they’re the official ambassadors. What’s your favorite Metallica album?

The Creeping Death/Jump in the Fire Ep! It has all the bangers on it! "Am I Evil? Yes I am!"