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Instead of seven swans a swimming help Mira Leibowitz swan about

What to wear? What to wear? That's the least of Mira Leibowitz's problems as she preps for a night out on the town, mouthing trap lyrics by Future as she flits around the room spilling white wine spritzer all over her boudoir. The stunning stylist responsible for all things chic at Superbalist could fashion a bedsheet into a toga and still slay. No, for the quintessential party girl it's more a matter of choosing which party she should attend. Boredom has never been a thing with Mira. She's always on the list, will dance all night and the only question is – are there ever enough energy drinks to keep up with Mira and her never-ending good time?
I mean, black is my go-to when it comes to getting dressed, especially when I'm going out. Because let's face it, it's flattering. But a little white dress never hurt anyone, right? And the Bardot Gigi Dress is something different for a night out in summer, because why not, hey? All that's left is to get my tan on before slipping into this one.
Two piece
I really enjoy the whole two-piece ensemble trend, especially when you can mix it up – like with these items from The Fifth. So it's almost an all-black outfit, but the printed shorts give it that bubbly feel (sorry I just couldn't resist). 
Ok so if I had legs that were as long as my entire body, then this jumpsuit would look banging on me! However seeing as I'm a whopping 160cm, it might not work out that way. But I do love the fact that it's an easy go to outfit - simply zip it up and head on out. Sorted. 
I don't rely on mirrors so I always take Polaroids. That's what Cher Horowitz does anyways. As would I if I had this Instax Polaroid camera. (And if you don't know who Cher Horowitz is, you're too young for me, bro.) Jokes aside, this camera is a great way to capture all your fun times. I'm a sucker for Polaroids! I really, really want one of these bad boys.
One of the most important parts of getting ready is spritzing up your outfit with a little scent. This floral fragrance, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, is the most affordable way to wear the designer, plus I really love the scent. It was on my Wishlist for so long, but even though my wonderful mother just bought it for me on her way back from New York – Thanks Mom! – I could probably do with a backup bottle just in case. 
If you think the party starts once you're in the clurb, well I hate to break it to you, you're wrong af. The party starts when you're at home, drinking some wine, getting dressed, listening to some tunes, snap-chatting away (@TalyaGalasko) and turning it up on this insanely good looking Marshall Speaker. Only I don't have one. Yet. 
I love accessories when it comes to styling, but not when it comes to styling myself. So for a night out, these subtle silver star studs (wow, that's a lotta 'S's) are simple and perfect.  
That being said, I do love Pichulik! Her designs are just so bold, but they're still simple. If I had to rock a statement piece, it would definitely be this Pichulik neckpiece. 
We ladies all know the hassles of a bag. At least, I do. I hate taking a bag out! Why can't I just keep everything in my pockets? Well, because everything falls out of my pockets and I never see that R200 note again, that's why! So having a bag is a must when heading out. Especially when you're all glammed up. You've gotta keep all that lipstick, mascara, shimmer and whatnot on your person, y'know! So ya, I love this bag because it's really pretty. And Cambridge satchels are quality!
What's more fun than a fluffy keychain? I'm sure lots of things, but I think this is a really fun way to find your house keys on your way home after the jol. Simply reach into your bag and feel around for a fluffy thing. Viola! There they are! Fashionable and functional!
Being hungover isn't so bad if you have a pair of these Super sunnies, right? Ok, fine, being hungover is the absolute worst, but at least if I had these shades, nobody but me would know, right? Puffy eyes – sorted. Harsh sunlight – sorted. Splitting headache – where's that Bloody Mary?