The Mixtape Vol. 31

Fridge Pizza aka Die Dough aka Keke Mahlelebe spins us some tunes

Oh hi, Keke!
Hello it me @fridgepizza on social / @die dough on Soundcloud!

Okay, so tell us about ODA and why it's dead. 
It’s just a great way to stay in shape dude, couple easy payments here and there. Your body will never be the same…
Who are you rapping with now?
I’ve recently started rapping again, out here finding my feet and doing the damn thing. Figuring out a new alias atm and working on a few releases with some nice beat-makers of all different shapes and sizes. Stay woke for the forthcoming summer releases. 
Who's the GOAT?
Jeremiah Jae.
Which new cats are you feeling? 
Pyramid Vritra.
Why don't you DJ rap stuff?
Personal preference I suppose. Out to all the heads playing rappy raps but I listen to a bunch of different things. Club bangers to anti-rave you know? Techno shee, dusty house, FWD, afro beat jazz and other interesting no genres to be specific.
What do you DJ then?
Brooooooo it changes on the daily but right now I’m feeling old/new Kimbie, old James Blake, ACTRESS, and Darkstar. Basically any stinkers coming out of the UK.
What's in the mixtape you made for us?
Avant-garde electronic music.
Where would you want this mixtape to be played?
Right before you send that come thru text, or directly after you eat a wholesome meal.
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