My Want List

Leave the Partridge in its pear tree and buy Dudu Ntoni this swag instead

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Those people doing that Boxing Day returns schlep all have one thing in common – they didn’t come up with a foolproof list. Only amateurs drop hints. If you want to get yours then do like Dudu Ntoni and ensure that those buying gifts for you know exactly what you want, in which colourway and what your sizes are. This is especially easy when shopping with us: simply log in to your Superbalist account, make a wish list and then share this with your besties and the resties. 


“I love the cut of this dress. Its simple enough to style in many ways and the tie-dye effect makes it less basic. A dress like this is a staple for all seasons and occasions.”


“The back is EVERYTHING! Plus I love Stussy because they really do youth and street well. This brand is my soulmate and this crop top is life.”


“I love shades and my shades have to speak. These reflective lenses do all the talking. You put these on and the show is over. Take your bow.”


“Perfect for summer. It can fit my phone, lipstick card, tampons and it's monochrome so I don't really need to think about how to style it. Win.”


“Pichulik has to be top of my list for accessories. She mixes colour, texture and shape so well. I die for these hoop earrings. And you know what they say about ‘the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe’? According to these my hoeness is at a relatively cool level.”


“Puma handed me my life with these. I literally had to meditate after I saw these sneakers. It's like sneaker Gods were like 'let's design a sick pair of Pumas for our child Dudu. And subsequently elevate her to Swenk doctor status.' Done.”


“This is a great gadget to have for obvious health reasons, but also because it looks really cool and when you see someone wearing it you know their life is together. Like they have goals and shit. I wanna be that person.”


“I saw the eyes and I was sold. I love white bedding and the eye prints bring a youthful element. Zana nailed it.”


“Listen. Dont let anyone fool you with 'less-is-more'! More is more and this masterpiece Pichulik necklace gives you more. I was born to wear this neck-piece and spend my entire life trying to do it justice.”


“This is a sick watch. I love having one watch that goes with every mood and occasion and this DKNY is love at first sight.”