Spring Campaign Teaser

Things are heating up, here's a taste of what's to come

Some say that the secret to a great springtime is being in the right place at the right time. Others are sure that it's the people you're with: that they bring the good mood to you, wherever you find yourselves. Luckily for us, we had both when we shot our spring time, so between the gorgeous crowd and Cape Town's coolest corner, the day was sure to deliver – plus, a bonus splash of sunshine didn't hurt a bit.

We didn't stop there, of course: we gathered together a few more ingredients, including our spring playlist, ice-cream, Skittles and Dr Pepper, the cutest canine we know (that's Rosie the Jack Russell, in case you're unacquainted), and then the clothes. Oh, the clothes... We're talking bold prints, bright florals, suede that shows off the sultriest side of the seventies, the latest it accessories – the ones you've seen on Tumblr and didn't know that you could get here just yet – white sneakers, and all manner of throwback style. 

Then we got to work, with fashion director Tammy Tinker styling and photographer Katinka Bester snapping the shots that cast spring in an even better light than we've been seeing it previously, while the rest of us did our best to avoid the temptations that the season's sure to bring – from a quiet nap in that patch of sunshine to our friends turning up at a neighbouring café table and ordering a chilled bottle of something delicious at 11am. Ah, it's just that kind of season.

If, like us, you can barely wait for longer days and the opportunities that they bring, check back over the next week for the warm-weather wardrobe options that'll be taking you places – whatever you choose to do with your time in the sun.