The 70s high

Nostalgia’s never looked so good


You already know that high-waisted jeans are a flattering option that are right back in style.

You might not know this season’s high-waisted jeans are seventies-inspired – and sexier than ever.

Wear them right now with your top or tee tucked in.

If they’re an investment choose a straight-cut classic in sturdy, old-school blue denim.

Wear them with other seventies essentials, from playful vintage slogan tees to dreamy boho-inspired blouses with clogs and fringed accessories, or a glamorous Studio 54-inspired look.

The celebrities wearing ‘em best Zoë Saldana, Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid.

You’ll wish someone had told you to try these sooner. Once you’ve worn high-waisted denim, it’s hard to remember why you endured the hassle of constantly keeping low-cut styles pulled up above underwear level.

Blogger tryout: Tara-lee McNulty wears high-waisted jeans

Tara-lee McNulty describes herself as a ‘lover of vintage’ on her blog and a scroll through her posts will show you that she’s a No Era poster child. Unrestricted to a single decade, she dabbles in each, choosing her favourite pieces and beautifully synchronising them. For this look she did the same, opting for 70s-inspired, high-waisted jeans from New Look and paired them with some grunge 90s boots and 60s-style shades. We love the moody colour palette and use of texture, as well as the fact that even though each item in her outfit has a retro feel, the overall effect is thoroughly modern.

Tara-Lee takes us back in time.

I love these jeans because they suit both my summer and winter wardrobe and I can style them for most occasions. I can mix and match them with a crop top and kimono or polo neck and fur jacket, or even platform sandals. So many options work with this shade of blue and it’s this versatility that really won me over.

When it comes to fit, I’m 175cm tall, so I usually struggle finding jeans that fit my body like a glove – and reach my ankles. This elongated shape is extremely flattering and the soft cotton makes them seriously flexible and comfortable.

My top tip would be to roll them up – it creates a modern effect. As I’m so tall I don’t usually find jeans where I have the luxury of doing this so I’m very excited to finally have this option. #tallpeopleproblems.