Skinny. Love.

Go-to, go-everywhere denim

You already know that the skinny has a snug fit, right down to tapered ankles.

You might not know yet that the biggest lie you’ll ever hear about skinnies is that they’re only for skinny people. Nope, not why they’re called that. They work on just about every shape, because when you find the pair that fits you like a glove (or, you know, the perfect pair of skinnies) they show off your figure at its best – whether your curves are jutting hipbones, a booty, or toned thighs.

Wear them right now high-waisted, in any wash you like.

If they’re an investment buy go for a dark, indigo denim or a black pair – these are the washes that never go out of style, and will let you take your skinnies everywhere.

The celebrities wearing ‘em best are Cara Delevingne, Nicki Minaj, and Victoria Beckham.

You’ll wish someone had told you to put your socks on first.

Blogger tryout: Anna-Belle Mulder wears skinny jeans

Much like her blog, which touches on everything from fashion to travel, food and photography, Anna-Belle Mulder’s look for this shoot was multi-layered – and we’re impressed by how she pulls it off so effortlessly. While she went for a streetwear theme (note the sneakers and headband), we love how she incorporated some preppy influences with a bomber and white shirt, then finished everything off with some a leather jacket and some unexpected yet totally appropriate biker-themed skinnies from Ronald Sassoon.


Here's the skinny on denim, from Anna-Belle herself.

I now opt for jeans because photography is now a big part of my life so I spend a lot of time crouching down and moving around to get the perfect shot. I had to ditch all of my dresses and go for skinnies as they’re a practical, yet stylish everyday option.

I chose this pair as it’s important that my jeans can stretch but are still tight and make me look good, because who doesn't like to look good? These Ronald Sassoon skinny jeans tick all the right boxes, allowing me to jump around without constantly having to readjust.

I like to play with silhouettes and always pair a long, sheer white shirt with skinnies – it looks good while still keeping things casual. I also like to turn up my hems - it lends an edgy touch to this style of denims.