#BTS Denim Campaign

How a denim casting turned into our August/September denim campaign

This was never supposed to be a campaign. It was a casting to find the right fit. We wanted to find the right models for the right jeans. So we had a casting to see what those body shapes were. The casting was at Supernova Studios and the models got so excited, which got us excited, and it ended up turning into our denim campaign shoot.

“It was just so much fun,” says Superbalist style director Tammy Tinker. "I was getting calls throughout the day. The agents were seeing pics show up on social media and were worried about all the nudity, which wasn’t our intention.”

So why did the models have to take off their tops?

“We wanted to see the fit better. When you’re holding a T-shirt up, you can’t see properly how a pair of jeans works on a model's body. And, quite simply, there's nothing wrong with a bit of flesh. Think Calvin Klein. People always talk about how sexy it is having a white shirt with denim. Well, denim with nothing else is even sexier."

In the end, we not only serendipitously had a great campaign, but also found our perfect denim fit models – and ended up casting them as our lingerie models for a subsequent shoot. Now that's versatility for you.

However, it was young photographer Katinka Bester who was the biggest surprise of the day.

“She’s such a brilliant young talent. We’re definitely going to work with her again. She’s an up-and-comer who will be doing more campaigns for us, certainly.”

This was a fun day that proved that there's more to finding the right fit than squeezing into the pair of pants supposedly suited to your shape. Ultimately, jeans are about attitude as much as they are about showing off your assets – yours, and your denim's.