Between 10 and 5's #FollowFriday

Alix-Rose Cowie selects 5 creative women killing it on Instagram

"Every August, online creative showcase Between 10and5 runs an interview series called Creative Women where we hear from women making an impact in their industry, be it through design, technology, art, fashion, food, music or media. For our Superbalist #FollowFriday we decided to choose our favourite creative women killing it on Instagram. Who run the world?"

Nicole Dalton

Handle: a_little_ghost

Followers: 452

Nicole Dalton is a graphic designer and maker of (really cool) things under the label GhostGoods. When it comes to branding she's pretty much the best in town and you've definitely seen her work before without even knowing you have. That really-really great logo on the menu at your favourite eatery? Yup. Nicole recently designed the branding for our Creative Women conference coming up on the 29th of August. Follow her for beautiful design inspiration. 

Tony Gum

Handle: tony_gum

Followers: 4.77k

Tony Gum is on fire. We can't get enough of her self-portraiture through which she portrays diverse characters through clever styling and an eye for pop references. Not only can we not heart every one of her images fast enough for their visual impact, but she's using her photography to make a statement about representation and owning your image. Catch her at the FNB Joburg Art Fair in September. Follow her for dress-up dreams and a whole lot of personality. 

Juanel de la Forêt

Handle: worldofjuju

Followers: 1.5k

Juanel is one half of fashion photography duo Elford/De La Forêt. Just like her flawless like-no-other nails, every image on her Instagram account is composed and considered perfection whether a grainy landscape shot on her Fuji, or a candid capture of Alek Wek on set. Follow her for a quick trip around the world, a healthy dose of life-envy and to get access behind the scenes of her exquisite shoots. 

Gabrielle Guy

Handle: gabrielleguy

Followers: 701

Gabrielle Guy is the go-to designer for beautiful art publications; an art in itself. She has worked with many of South Africa’s most renowned artists, galleries, curators and arts editors, and has developed a reputation for her careful attention to detail. Her Instagram account reveals another talent: her photography. Gabrielle has an incredible way with light capturing tiny accidental rainbows from sunshine through cut glass or emotive afternoon shadows. Follow her for a schooling on what's possible with mobile photography. 

Yoliswa Mqoco

Handle: yoliswa_xo

Followers: 7k

When it comes to style, just stop right here. Yoliswa has got it in spades and her Instagram account is where she shares her daring looks for us lucky followers to drool over. Whether it's her Indian-inspired nose chain, full-on Mexicana or 'babes in pales', follow her for style, style, style. And then some. 

Between 10 and 5 are running a Creative Women interview series throughout August which ends with a conference on the 29th.

Check it out here!