adidas Supershell

Pharrell Williams has hand-picked creatives to reinvent the shoe's shelltoe

Pharell Williams has followed up his Supercolor release with Supershell, which sees him hand-pick creatives around the world to reinvent the shoe's Shelltoe. 

Todd James is a celebrated New York artist whose paintings and installations have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including both the 2001 and 2015 Venice Biennales. His immediate and insistent works draw influence from Saturday morning cartoons, subway graffiti, American popular culture and world events.

“Todd James is a guy who’s always marched to the beat of his own drum. He’s just always created these super interesting paintings and drawings. He brings you into his own world. Sometimes certain things have an effect on you that you can’t really put into words.”

-Pharrell Williams

Mr. is a Japanese contemporary artist based in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. He works in a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, and video – though his works are all closely related in aesthetics, style, and theme. Rendered in the anime style, the girls in his paintings incorporate the unique Japanese concept of ‘moe’ to depict a new form of beauty and refracted sexuality of the contemporary age. In 2014, he set his art to music by directing the unique music video for Pharrell Williams’s It Girl.

“Mr. is a wizard. His mind and his work remind us all that there’s an inner child in all of us. It’s interesting because when other people try to paint the same things it can send off very different messages. But somehow, Mr. is a master of depicting innocence, and I love that about his work."

-Pharrell Williams

The “Artwork Collection” sees the Superstar’s Shelltoe come alive with signature graphic artworks and designs. With a limited release and exclusive artworks for different regions around the globe, the footwear is offered in black colourways, allowing the vibrant artworks to take centre stage. Adding an additional layer to the concept: each left and right shoe features a different graphic treatment – so the collection to be mixed and matched endlessly, allowing another opportunity for creative expression.

To further transform the iconic Superstar model, the NYC contemporary artists have also each applied their unique creative vision to the Superstar Shelltoe, with an additional “Sculpted Collection”. Joining the Artwork Collection, this release sees them channel their artworks into specially-moulded 3D Shelltoe designs, a first for the Superstar silhouette. The series is then completed by two of Pharrell’s own personal designs, which speak of his interest in the concept of relativity. From a shoe that spans art and culture to a platform for expression itself, the Supershell Collection brings the Superstar to its ultimate artistic mode. With designs offered in monochrome black, the collection is also completely interchangeable, presenting countless opportunities to mix and match individual shoes to create the perfect personal expression.