Let’s Get Weird

The car park is your catwalk

While it’s ill-advised to traverse an empty parking lot alone at night, our super-stylist Mira Leibowitz took it in her stride. 

“I saw the vast industrial space as kinda beautiful and started thinking of ways to pull off a surreal fashion editorial.”

Playing with shapes, textures and shadows that are more interesting than your average “girl in a parking lot” shoot, the team used G-Star Raw’s combination of deep navy blues and olive khaki to create an androgynous feel that’s as badass as Mira is.

“It’s unexpected but it works. I wanted our model to get weird and create unusual shapes with her body. ‘Let’s get weird!’ was the order of the day, basically.”

Stylist: Mira Leibowitz

Photographer: Seth Zworestine

Model: Tukiya Mulusa at Fusion Models

Retoucher: Ashiq Johnson