The Beach Combers

Caroline Mackintosh and friends take to the dunes and let their creativity run free

When Caroline Mackintosh comes into the office to show us the labours of her latest shoot, her cheeks are a little rosier than usual. That’s because despite it being the middle of winter, she spent all weekend at the beach. 

“We went to Sandy Bay and hung out in the dunes there. Afterwards we printed the photos and spent the day drawing on them. No Photoshop. That’s all pens and paint.” 

Wait, people are still shooting on film? 

“I shoot everything on film. I prefer it that way. It holds light better and makes me think more. It stops me from second-guessing my shots. Or fixating too much on something. It’s more authentic. Much more holistic. So much warmer.”

Caroline’s collaborators this time round were Christina Laubaschagne, an illustrator and yoga instructor; Alex Glenday, who is a painter, model and brews her own Kombucha; Jessi-Jean Havemann, who teaches underprivileged kids to surf and has just started a company that makes bags out of old carpets; and then Candice Jezek, the curator and photographer that Caroline introduced us to in her last story and who once again shared photography duties on the shoot with Caroline. 

Who says the beach is only good for bronzing your skin and playing beach bats, eh? This creative bunch proves that with the right kind of outlook it can be summer all year round.