Around Town With Cokey Falkow

Cokey calls LA ‘Hellay’, but it does have a few redeeming spots

Cokey Falkow has been busy. Living in Los Angeles for almost six years now, last year saw him working with Robert Rodriguez and Alfred Molina in Matador, and this year he stars in the quirky comedy Body High. He now splits his time between Los Angeles and the UK where he is hitting the comedy scene in 2015. 


Intelligentsia Coffee Pasadena Cafe

55 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, California 

Great coffee. Artisan roasted true genius as opposed to the swill the Americans call “coffee”, which is bottomless, watered-down, drip-fed crap.

Schodorfs luncheonette

5051 York Blvd, Highland Park, California 

Best breakfast taco you will ever eat in your life. Gourmet and groovy, this little gem of an institution will change the way you see tacos and Mexican food. Hang out at the small curbside tables and watch the hipsters jostle for space with real gang members. Try and work out whose tattoos are cooler.

Art Fix

Downtown Art Walk will take you on a journey that will delight you. Great bars, cool hip spots with an edge and excellent emerging artists that have a real vibe. The art walk will make you believe Hellay has some actual culture. There also used to be a really rad Drink N Draw social club but sadly that seems to have disappeared.

Food Spots

The Oinkster

2005 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles 

Best pastrami Burger ever! These guys make slow fast food and it really is the business. I was living up the street from their Eagle Rock location and took a few friends there for a burger and beer and it was always a winner. In my opinion, better than Umami. 


1958 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles

Go to the Los Feliz store. Los Feliz means “the Happy” and your tummy will be happy after you eat a Lucifers pizza. Giant and delicious, they make you smile and want more.

Green Space

Debs Park

4235 Monterey Road, Los Angeles

Debs Park has a hill with a secret little lake on the top of it. It is truly spectacular and a hidden gem. You can join the shitfest that is Griffith Park, or worse, the trails at Runyon Canyon, a jock-infested actors' singles meet-up and dog comparison trail that sucks the soul out of you – or you can journey to a wonderful hill of amazingness. Your choice.

Best Kept Secret

Venice Canals

Venice, California

My runner-up after Debs Park. Get some legal green herb from a collective and wander the canals looking at great architecture.

Tourist Trap

Mann Chinese Theatre

6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

Just mayhem. I hate it and I love it. Stars on the sidewalk, crackheads dressed as movie characters. It has it all.


La Poubelle and Bar

5907 Franklin ave, Los Angeles

This place is a home to many actors and artists. It has a pecking order and a wonderfully crazy history. It was originally a bordello, until the family took it over, and now is still part of Hollywood history. If you're lucky you may get to meet the real deal, French Grande Dame Jacqui or her daughter Francoise who is the current owner. Excellent food by chef Johnny and an amazing private function room make this place a must-visit. Brunch or dinner... you won’t be sorry.