The Boyfriend Jeans

We just found the perfect pair

These jeans have the perfect taper, the perfect pocket on the bum, the perfect rip... They’re a great fit and very flattering. Some boyfriend jeans can be too wide at the ankle, but these get it right. Boyfriend jeans are effortless, just be careful with your proportions. Nothing on top that will cover your bum or you’ll look like a tent. Also, boyfriend jeans aren’t for everyone. Put them on a pear-shaped girl and it’s not the most flattering look. If you can wear them though, you should. They're not something you’d wear every day, but something to rediscover for easy style. 

They work especially well with double denim. Just remember to tuck in and be careful of your tones. Mix it up. Stella McCartney and Céline did it immaculately. It’s a trend that never goes out of fashion. As opposed to other clothes that you wear, denim lives forever. It molds to your body. Definitely an investment piece!