The Bomber Jacket

Enter the danger zone in a jacket so warm it could defrost Iceman

Do you ever feel the need… the need for speed? We often do, because ain’t nobody got time for trynna match a jacket to the rest of your ensemble when your lift is outside hooting and you’re already running ten minutes late. Sometimes you just have to grab whatever’s hanging on the coat rack and trust that your outer layer is going to look as dope as the rest of you. 

That’s why the bomber jacket takes our breath away: its simple shape and lightweight construction make this 90s style icon a key piece this season, and the go-to jacket you need to get acquainted with.

“Remember your coat, dear!” “Yes mom… It’s already on, mom… See you later, mom… Oh, and how do you feel about being a grandparent because I’m definitely getting some tonight!”

Available in casual styles, long-line lengths, cropped cuts, leather, jersey, varsity, boyfriend fits and slouchy… there’s a bomber jacket for everyone.

Which is funny because it was initially created exclusively for pilots. Yep, before becoming a part of our popular culture, the bomber jacket aka flight jacket aka bombardier jacket was originally apparel created for the same flyboys responsible for the classic aviator sunglasses. But that’ s another story.

The original bomber jacket wasn't purely a fashion item. Because most airplanes in World War 1 were convertibles, pilots needed to keep warm in functional leather coats with high wraparound collars, wind flaps, snug cuffs, snug waists and a fur lining. 

Now you know how near the end of that movie Top Gun, Iceman says to Maverick, “You can be my wingman any time”? Not only was it very homoerotic, but bullshit, too – because unless he’s the ops officer, squadron CO or schedule officer who signs the flight schedule he’ll actually have to fly with whoever he’s been assigned to fly with. Anyway, that was just one of many technical errors, but what can’t be faulted is the wardrobe because the costume designer knocked it out of the park when it came to Tom Cruise’s jacket.

It’s not just 5-foot-something Hollywood scientologists who have taken the original flyboy jacket to a higher plane. Everyone – from skinheads to hip hop heads to various police departments across the United States – have picked up on this functional accessory due to the bomber jacket’s sturdy design and heavy insulation.

Slip into the iconic aviation jacket and you’ll be the bomb.


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