#BTS: June Campaign

What went on behind the scenes of our latest shoot

The Photographer: Nick Gordon

“For this campaign I got to leave one studio and shoot in another,” said Superbalist photographer, Nick Gordon. “Working on a light and bright rooftop, as opposed to in a dark room, was quite nice.”

While the energy was high and it was a really fun day, Nick admits that things were pretty intense – something that's fast becoming the Superbalist way.

“It was non-stop and we were still sitting there doing selects while the studio manager was trying to usher us out. It was pretty nuts. Sending shots off to be approved while shooting... The only breaks we had involved putting layouts together. It’s pretty amazing how we pulled off this whole campaign in a week.”

The models-slash-photographers

Due to the amazing location (essentially a glass box on top of a building in town), selfies seemed to be the order of the day. Nick took advantage of this and put his other camera aside for the models to shoot the behind-the-scenes photographs featured on this post.

“I think we got some cool shots,” says Nick. “Some interesting perspectives.”


“Because we had such different looks we had to try and find personalities that go with each of them,” says Superabalist's Style Director, Tammy Tinker.

“There was a tattoo artist dancer guy who’s about to sign with his first agency. He rocked out with a break dance performance that was simply amazing. Zach is our guy from the #20superbfaces. We’re trying to create a Superbalist lifestyle where you see the same guys in the campaign and in the catalogue – that way you kind of get used to the Superbalist characters. Edgy girl. Sexy girl. Cute girl… Each came with their own personality and you can see that reflected in the pics."

The location: Daylight Studios

This place was great. Our home buyer, Chevaune, actually got married here earlier in the year and it made an amazing venue – 250m2 of space with floor-to-ceiling windows, a deck with a roof garden and views of Lion's Head, Table Mountain and the City Bowl. It’s also on Bree Street, so you have all your favourite coffee and lunch spots right there.

“It’s a daylight studio but we shot with flash,” says Tammy. “It’s the environment that sets the mood. And that view!”

“We also had to use the most dodgy service lift,” says Nick. “A winch on the roof and a flat platform where the guy operating it actually had to be in a harness.”

Want to see more from the shoot? Our June campaign goes live on Thursday, so watch this space!